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Weekly inspirations: January 27, 2014

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:


Why Aren’t App Designers as Famous as Chefs?

In a world that can celebrate and fetishize the most obscure chefs, it’s a relevant question: Why aren’t the world’s best app designers renowned? The article explore that question and other through an interview with the former president of the Rhode Island School of Design John Maeda. I thought it was really interesting as he recently took a new job with Silicon Valley’s most powerful venture capital firms, Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers where he evaluates the role of design in potential Kleiner investments. It is an interesting job and an interesting article worth reading. Read the article here.

Designers, Stop Calling Your Work “Iconic”

I thought this was an interesting article on the incredible overused terms designs like to describe their work. The spark for this article was the announcement for the release of the new Google Glass prescription frames this week which was filled with particularly overloaded characterizations of the product’s latest update. I found the Google Ngram Viewer chart of the rise of the use of the word ‘iconic’ is fascinating. Read the article here.

Google brings Lego to Chrome

Nothing takes me back to childhood more than playing with Lego’s and I must not be alone as the engineers at Google have now created an experience where you can play with virtual Lego’s anywhere, anytime through the Chrome browser. It is a fun experience as you can build anything you want, save your work, share it with the world and even take Lego Master Builder classes. Read the article here or start playing with Lego’s in Chrome here.

DVF through Glass

I read the articles last September describing how Diane von Furstenberg has work Google Glass backstage and some of her models wore Glass on stage in her September NY Fashion Week show. This week I came across the video that they shot through Glass of that show. Even though it was early in the life of Glass it is one of the more interesting first person videos I have seen shot through Glass. Watch the video here.

A Day in the Life of Experience Design at Adobe

Most of the really cool work at Adobe is created by a small group called Adobe XD which leads their experience design work within the company.  This video is behind the scenes look at some of the really cool work I have seen them working on for future products and interfaces. Read the article and watch the video here.

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