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Weekly inspirations: March 17, 2014

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

How to Build a Culture of Innovation by Killing Mediocrity

One thing I have seen in my work with companies like Apple is that they are all dedicated to killing mediocrity in all of it’s forms. Steve Jobs was famous for saying that things were either ‘brilliant’ or ‘complete shit’ and that thinking remains in place today. So how do you ring that thinking to your company and your group? This two part article is a great walkthrough of how to make the changes and put the thinking in place to strengthen your group and your ideation. There are two part of this article – read part 1 here and part 2 here.

Inside the Pixar Braintrust

This article is an excerpt from an upcoming book I am very excited about called Creativity, Inc. from Pixar founder Ed Catmull. Unveils one of his key management tools – the Pixar braintrust, which has helped the animation powerhouse score 14 box office hits in a row.

Read the article here.

Wake Up & Smell The Bacon

Oscar Mayer has created something awesome – the Wake Up And Smell The Bacon app which is a simple alarm clock app that starts your morning with the sound of bacon. But combined with a ‘bacon scent alarm device’ it becomes a ‘multi-sensory alarm experience’ based on bacon.

Read the article and see the video of it in action here.

Jony Ive Designs Tomorrow

We use Jonathan Ive’s products to help us to eat, drink and sleep, to work, travel, relax, read, listen and watch, to shop, chat, date and have sex. Many of us spend more time with his screens than with our families. Some of us like his screens more than our families. For years, Ive’s natural shyness, coupled with the secrecy bordering on paranoia of his employer, Apple, has meant we have known little about the man who shapes the future, with such innovations as the iMac, the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad. But last month, he invited me to Cupertino in Silicon Valley where Apple is based, for his first in-depth interview since he became head of design almost 20 years ago.

Read the article here.

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