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Is this the next GoPro?

You can’t argue that GoPro camera have completely changed what types of videos can be shot with a consumer level camera.  Their low price point and easy to use operation have made them the favorite of everyone from extreme athletes to soccer moms shooting some pretty cool videos point of view videos.

I was just introduced to the new CENTR camera that is a small startup founded by former members of the iPhone camera team at Apple. It combines smart phone hardware and imaging software that lets users shoot in a complete 360 degree circle at 4K video quality. CENTR weaves together footage captured by four 5-megapixel cameras into a single seamless video. While previous versions of the hardware needed to do that were fairly bulky and too dense to hold comfortably, the $399 consumer model CENTR fits in the palm of your hand. The hardware isn’t scheduled to be released until early 2015 so we will have to wait to get our hands on the hardware but I can already think of a lot of ways something like this could create some really cool content. You can pre-order one on their site or jump in on their Kickstarter campaign.

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