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Can NOD fulfill the promise of LEAP MOTION?

There have been parade of devices that promise to be able to let you control your digital experience with just a waive of your hand. The most recent and notable was the Leap Motion Controller which had a great launch video but their lack of a common gesture library and need for it to be chained to a desk made it come up short when you actually got to use it. The next device that looks really intriguing and like it could the shortcomings of the Leap Controller is the new NOD Bluetooth enabled ring. It has gesture control with 32,000 DPI of resolution for incredibly precise control at up to half a millimeter of accuracy and a touch pad across the bottom of the ring for touch interactions. Nod says it will work with technologies from Apple, Android, GoPro cameras, Hue lighting and Nest Thermostats which if it is true would put it miles ahead of any other gesture controller I have seen. It is currently available for pre-order with e fall delivery for $149.

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