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Bibliotheca: one man’s quest to re-design the Good Book

I am not a religious person but I have always been perplexed by the Bibles that I have seen as they a s jumble of numbers, notes, references, gutters, annotations and small type. None of this is conducive to making it something that the non-religious person would really want to pick up and read. I came across a project today from book designer Adam Greene who started a Kickstarter for a new design of the Bible called Bibliotheca.

The premise behind the project is simple and even a little daring in that he wants to lay out the Bible as a collection of literature, rather than a single encyclopedic volume. Bibliotheca consists of four volumes, three for the Old Testament and one for the New. Like I said before I am not a religious person but I find myself waiting to pick up a copy because he has put a tremendous amount of thought into project with a myriad of details to make it easier to read like no chapter divisions, no verse numbers, no annotations, a custom typeface and a stitched binding to let the book lay flat. You can learn more about Bibliotheca here or watch the really well produced video above.

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