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Weekly inspirations: August 11, 2014

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

Why Self-Awareness Is the Secret Weapon for Habit Change

Over the course of my career I have found that one of the biggest traits that separates good creatives from great creatives is self-awareness. Some people have it naturally but many don’t so this article lays out 3 things you can do to help improve your self-awareness and help your career and creativity.

Read the article here.

Simplifying the Bull: How Picasso Helps to Teach Apple’s Style

Steven Jobs established Apple University as a way to inculcate employees into Apple’s business culture and educate them about its history, particularly as the company grew and the tech business changed. Courses are not required, only recommended, but getting new employees to enroll is rarely a problem. This article explains how Apple uses 11 lithographs that make up Picasso’s “The Bull” to explain the way Apple builds its smartphones and other devices. The idea: Apple designers strive for simplicity just as Picasso eliminated details to create a great work of art. I think it is a really fascinating idea and look into how to build a brand and a culture.

Read the article here.

Amazon Launches Local Register

It has been really interesting to watch so many companies try to reinvent payment systems. It all started with Square with a simple and elegant new alternative to the traditional credit card experience. Seeing their success and how consumers wanted a better payment system you have now seen the major tech players start to move into the space.  There have been rumors that apple will soon launch their own payment system and now Amazon has launched their own service called Local Register. This article gives you a quick overview of their service and why you should care about it.

Read the article here.

For A More Ordered Life, Organize Like A Chef

If you have followed this blog for amount of time you know that I am a huge foodie. One of the basic principles of cooking is called mise-en-place which is french for everything in its place. This article looks at how everyone can learn how to be better organized from professional chefs.

Read the article here.

Hot Navigation Design Patterns for Mobile

In this article, Chris Bank discusses the importance of navigation design patterns and details examples from some of the hottest mobile apps today so you can see some of the current trends to use in your designs. 

Read the article here.

Designer Rebrands Samsung’s Logo To Make It As Iconic As Apple’s

For 21 years, the Samsung name as served as the company logo, occasionally superimposed over a wobbly blue oval. It’s the kind of logo that’s fine on washing machines and televisions, but incredibly boring on something personal, like a smartphone. Never is this more apparent than when compared to the branding of Samsung’s arch-enemy in Cupertino, which is simply the silhouette of an apple. Regardless, Samsung sells more smartphones and tablets than even Apple does. Doesn’t it deserve branding just as good? Inspired by Andrew Kim’s gorgeous Microsoft rebranding concept, Dutch visual designer Aziz Firat decided to unite the many elements of Samsung’s discordant branding “strategy” behind a clean new icon.

Read the article here.

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