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Weekly inspirations: August 22, 2014

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

Uber launches ‘Corner Store’ delivery service in Washington DC

Uber has branched out from providing on-demand rides for passengers to offer on-demand product deliveries for people living in Washington DC as part of an experimental service. They continue to impress with new ideas like this and adding other like their recent API for other apps. 

Read the article here.

Myo integrates its gesture-tracking armband with Google Glass and other smartglasses

The area of gestured based controllers continues to really interest me but I still haven’t seen that killer product that I think will break into the main stream. One of the most promising is from Thalmic Labs who this week added support for smartglasses to its Myo gesture control armband. Supported headsets include Google GlassRecon Jet and Epson Mover. The video shows how pairing these two things together can lead to some really interesting interactions. 

Read the article here.

Spring, the App that promises to make mobile shopping fun

Spring is an interesting startup that attempts to recreate the experience of shopping in Soho (it’s named after Spring Street). Users can follow about 100 brands and the shopping cart has been replaced with a “like” button on each item. After users “like” something, the brand can send them push notifications to let them know, for instance, that it has gone on sale or there are only a limited number left. It is a really interesting tactic to try to reinvent the shopping process for mobile. 

Read the article here.

The Current State Of E-Commerce Search

When e-commerce search works, it’s fast, convenient and efficient. It’s no wonder that so many users prefer searching over clicking categories. This article is a large-scale usability study that took the top-50 sites and benchmarked them to find that search often doesn’t work very well. This site is lengthy but is a great read to understand what is really working and really isn’t working in search.

Read the article here.

Off To The Races: Getting Started With Design Sprints

After having written about the pitfalls of how design fits into the agile process this week, this article is the almost perfect follow up to my article. It describes and defines the design sprint and how to do it correctly.

Read the article here.

Twitter Lets You Build an Acura In A Tweet

Twitter has been throwing caution to the wind lately, what with the addition of random tweets to users’ timelines, “Buy Now” buttons, and a font tweak that set the typographical world ablaze. Now we’re seeing an interesting new use of Twitter cards in advertising: Acura has built a rudimentary configurator for its new TLX model right into a tweet, which lets you choose an engine, a drivetrain, and a color before offering the option of sending an image of the kitted-out vehicle to your followers.

Read the article here.

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