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Weekly inspirations: August 29, 2014

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

This New Moleskine Is Like An iPad Made Of Paper

Moleskine has presented the vision of another possible future with its new Livescribe Notebook ($30) and the $150 Livescribe smartpen (a pen known for turning written, paper notes into typed, digital transcripts). When you combine the two your drawings and brainstorms are not only automatically backed up to an app, they’re also infused with the conveniences of digital-native technologies. It isn’t the first time something like this has been created but this one looks to the most promising one I’ve seen. 

Read the article here.

Is Your Responsive Design Working? Google Analytics Will Tell You

Responsive web design has become the dominant method of developing and designing websites. It makes it easier to think “mobile first” and to create a website that is viewable on mobile devices. However, we are just guessing that our designs will perform well with different device classes and form factors and across different interaction models. We need to continually monitor a design’s performance with real traffic. Google Analytics has some great multi-device features built in; however, with responsive design, we are really designing for form factors, not for devices. This article demonstrates how WURFL.js and Google Analytics can work together to show performance metrics across form factors.

Read the article here.

Samsung’s New Gear S Smartwatch Features A Curved Screen And 3G Connectivity

It is obvious that the next digital form factor we will have to focus on will be wearables. From Google Glass to the Jawbone Up to Android Wear we are seeing an explosion in this market. The only challenge is hat none of these have found mass market adoption yet because of price of feature set. The latest entry from Samsung has some really intriguing features like curved Glass and 3G connectivity that would let it function as a device independent of a smart phone.

Read the article here.

Ralph Lauren to Introduce Wearable Technology At U.S. Open

What spectators will see this week at the U.S. Open is a slick, form-fitting black athletic shirt with the Ralph Lauren polo pony emblazoned on the front. What they won’t see is the conductive silver-coated thread that is woven discreetly into the fiber, one that, according to the company, makes that shirt the first item of tech apparel to be introduced by a mainstream fashion label. No, the shirt won’t answer your smartphone, fire your ignition or get you a date. What it will do, among its varied functions, is monitor your heart rate, breathing and stress levels, collecting data that is displayed on a dashboard, phone app or computer screen — all that without compromising its racy good looks.

Read the article here.

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