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Start prototyping your Apple Watch app now

Since the announcement of Apple Watch a few weeks ago I have seen tons of designers starting to put out comps for how their app or other popular apps could be ported to the Watch.  The only problem is that A LOT of them are getting a lot of the design elements wrong.  Recently I found two different resources that get a lot right and are great starting point stop let you start to concept your Apple Watch app until the SDK comes out next month.


Apple Watch Concepts PSD

Designers Jan Losert and Lukas Kus were fascinated by the Apple Watch since it was announced so they spent a lot of time thinking about adopting their favorite apps to Apple Watch. This lead to this a really interesting project on called ‘Future of Popular Apps for Apple Watch’. But they went a step further and made the Photoshop file for these designs available to everyone for the cost a Tweet. It is a great starter kit for working on your own Apple Watch app as they have a lot of the basic components already laid out for you. You can download their Apple Watch PSD here.


Keynotopia Apple Watch Vector UI Kit for Keynote and PowerPoint

Keynotopia is a great resource when you quickly want to mock-up interfaces in Keynote or Powerpoint of you can see the design and see how it will move.  They recent released a really nice set for Apple Watch that’s a real robust set of 30+ screens and all the basic Apple Watch UI components. It is a nice way to quickly start playing around with app concepts to see how they in design and in motion. You can download the kit for the cost of a tweet here.

Hope this holds you over and gets you started thinking about what you will be doing with Apple Watch when the SDK is released next month.

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