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Weekly inspirations: November 14th, 2014

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

Can A New Web App Help Solve The “What Movie Should We Watch” Conundrum?

As streaming services proliferate and fewer people have cable TV, deciding what to watch is increasingly left up to the viewer. Though many have tried, till now there has been no one service that provides, a simple, accessible breakdown of the possibilities. Movieo may just be the solution to this modern conundrum. On Movieo, films are listed in either a icon or list format and can be ranked by a variety of IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes ratings. Mouse over a film and a pop up summary will appear along with its release date, runtime, genre, director, cast, and ratings. A slider on the left allows you to filter films by the era they were released. Other filters include country of origin and genre. The search function on the top allows search by movie title or person. Explore the site for yourself here.

Quirky + GE 7 new smart home products

At its Connected Home press event in New York City, Quirky, in partnership with General Electric, announced a new line of smart home products engineered to help consumers save energy and boost home safety. Among the highlights is the Norm, the “death to the thermostat” which controls your home’s temperature by relying on the network of sensors around the house. They also announced 6 other connected home devices at their event. Read the article here.

Old Navy’s machine turns your selfies into giant balloon art

Want to do more with your selfies than post them on Instagram for the umpteenth time? Old Navy might have a way to make them stand out… if just for a brief, glorious moment. The clothing shop is kicking off its 20th birthday by creating the Selfiebration machine, a 15 foot tall behemoth that converts Twitter photos into balloon art. All you do is tweet a photo to Old Navy with the #selfiebration hashtag — after that, the device (co-designed by Deeplocal) rasterizes your self-portrait and displays it on a grid of nearly 1,000 balloons that inflate to different sizes. Read the article here.

Meet Lowe’s Newest Sales Associate – OSHbot, the Robot

Lowe’s is set to unleash a retail-ready, multilingual robot. The project is designed to help shoppers navigate stores quickly and easily. Customers can talk to the robot, OSHbot, like they to would speak to a typical sales associate, and it recognizes and responds in multiple languages. It’s equipped with a screen that shoppers move through “Minority Report-style” — it recognizes hand gestures made in front of the screen and can be used as a typical touch screen as well. OSHbot is also mobile and will roll up to customers to greet and escort them through the aisles. Read the article here.

Halloween App Helps Find The Best Trick-Or-Treating Spots

It’s cheating, but we do what we must: There is now an app that lets you crowdsource where the best Halloween candy is in your city so that you and your friends can go clean out those tasty troves like ravenous goats. Read the article here.


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