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UXPin – A new way to make animated prototypes

I am constantly frustrated by trying to find new and efficient ways of creating interactive prototypes to test my digital design systems. Right now I use a whole host of different apps, applications and technique to patchwork together a system that will let me test my ideas.  I recently came across UXPin which looks to be a promising new entry to the interactive prototyping problem. You can export a Photoshop file into a UXPin format that you can drag and drop into their site. It should like something I have seen in other apps but in this case nothing is flattened and all the layers are preserved.

Once you have your design in UXPin you can easily make it into an interactive prototype through a nice, clean workflow.  But the other things I love are that through the site you can do chat, do realtime collaboration and even have the sit email you when someone on the team makes changes to your work. It is this more holistic view of IX design that really makes this stand out for me. I am going to put it through it paces in the coming weeks to see if it really has the chops to become my new main prototyping tool but it looks far more promising than anything I have seen in a long time. You can learn more about UXPin and trying it for yourself here.

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