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Weekly inspirations: December 26th, 2014

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

Radical advice for tech companies: Put the designer in charge

I thought this was an interesting article that makes the argument that for many companies the user experience of any product needs to be the most important thing so in that case why aren’t the designers in charge of their products? I don’t think many companies will buy into this think, which is a shame, but it is an good article as to why it is a good idea. Read the article here.

Top 15 Digital Marketing Predictions 

I very, very rarely think that articles that make predictions about trends for the coming year have any value.  Most of time they are written to get attention or are spotting trends that I think are so big and so obvious anyone in the field should be able to see them coming.  This year I did find one article that I thought was interesting, well written insightful from Digital Surgeons on what to expect in 2015.  I don’t agree with all of them there are a number that I think are things you should be paying attention to. Read the article here.

Skype Introduces Real-Time Translator Tool

With Skype Translator Preview, two people speaking completely different languages can have a real-time conversation, with virtually no communication barriers. Phase one of the program includes support for English and Spanish voice translations, with additional support for 40+  language translations for instant messaging. Skype Translator Preview is built on a machine learning platform, backed by decades of research and development in speech recognition, automated translation and machine learning technologies. Users can speak in their native language, which is translated in real-time in a Siri-esque voice to the listener. Read the article here.

Virtual Restaurant Brings Long-Distance Couples Together

This Christmas Eve, two lucky couples in Japan will get the opportunity to share an intimate dinner together, while sitting in separate hotel rooms 400km away from each other. The event is hosted by telecom brand, KDDI, whose technological prowess will be on display via huge high-def screens equipped with motion detectors. These screens create the illusion of a joint dinner table, instead of two separate ones miles apart. Each person, one in Osaka, and the other in Tokyo, will sit in front of the screen, which will allow them to see their significant other and “dine” with them as if they are sitting at the same table. The motion detectors in the screens will allow the couples to sync their actions so they can clink glasses together in a romantic toast, blow out candles on a cake together, or take a photo together. Read the article here.

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