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A new for a new year



Like most creative people, I don’t do well with having too much free time. So I spent my holidays relaxing, seeing friends and spending about 50 hours totally re-designing and re-building my portfolio site. So today I am happy to say that the 6th incarnation of is now live.

There was nothing wrong with my old site per se but I just felt that the style was a little too boring, the content was a little too light and there just wasn’t much that got me excited about it any more. So with this new version I re-worked, re-desgn and re-wrote every page of the site so it has a lot more content, more designs and more projects that give you not only a better look at the designs but all the thinking that went into making them which I often find more interesting the final designs. Like all my work it is still very much a work in progress as there are a lot detail and designs I still want to add so be sure to check back over the coming weeks for even more work than what is already there.

Let me know what you think and you can see the new site here.

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