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Introducing The Chic Library

CL copyI wanted to take a minute to indulge a little shameless self promotion for my wife who this week launched a new project The Chic Library. She has always been the most fashionable, stylish and knowledgable woman I have ever known which is one of the many reason why I married her. Her style is rooted in a wide variety of things like working for Chanel, opening the store at the Nasher Sculpture Canter and working as a luxury buyer for a number of years, Those roots have been nurtured by her own incredible sense of style which is why she is constantly complimented and stopped on the street by people asking about her style or where she got one of the things she is wearing. She is also one of the best researchers and hustlers I have ever known as she has gotten us into incredible experiences like a private tour of Yves Saint Laurent’s studio in Paris or a private guided tour of the street art scene around London. She is now translating all of that knowledge and insight into this project where she is going to share her style, her opinion on fashion, how you can go to some of the incredible things we do when we travel, her knowledge of fashion book and so much more. The project is less than a week old but within the past 24 hours Alexander McQueen’s muse Isabella Blow found the project and complimented her tributes to McQueen on the anniversary of his death yesterday and today the king of LA fashion vintage Cameron Silver found the project leaving the compliment “You’re chic!”. You can follow it here on Instagram or explore her growing archive of 2,100+ items on Pinterest here. There will be a lot more in the coming weeks and we will be launching web site and blog to compliment the project soon so do me a favor and check it out today.

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