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Weekly inspirations: March 27th, 2015

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:


This Audi Emits Nothing but Water Vapor, So Its Billboards Are Made of That Too

Innovative products deserve advertising that itself is innovative—embodying the promise of what’s for sale in the way it’s being sold. This Audi campaign from German agency thjnk does a nice job of that. The Audi A7 Sportback h-tron uses a fuel cell coupled with a hybrid battery and additional electric motor in the rear. Notably, nothing but water vapor comes out of the exhaust. And so, Audi created billboards that similarly leave nothing behind. Read the article here.


Instagram’s new Layout app automatically generates photo collages

Instagram released a new app this week called Layout that lets users easily stitch together multiple photos by automatically generating layouts to make a collage. The app also has a feature of the app called ‘photo booth’ that will countdown and snap multiple photos that are automatically stitched together into a collage. The app os easy to use and I really like the resulting collages since there are no thick white lines between the photos. Read the article here.


The Future of LinkedIn

The democratization of work is powered by digital ecosystems. LinkedIn is one of them. A company called Agency Zero created a concept for LinkedIn that considers how we might undertake business in the future. How we become who we are within the landscape of professional development. It is a really well designed and thought out concept that I really like. See the work here.


If You Don’t Prototype Then Go Home

Prototyping has become a critical step in designing any digital experience but it can be a tricky process to get right. This article does a nice job of laying out all the things you need to think about do in the prototyping process. Read the article here.


The Inventor Of These MagSafe Headphones Thinks He Outsmarted Apple

Over the past decade, untold numbers of people have taken a look at the MagSafe cable charging their MacBook and thought to themselves, “Wouldn’t it be fantastic if there were a MagSafe for headphone cables?” It’s a great idea that needs little justification, but time after time, companies that tried to make that idea a reality found themselves walking into a legal minefield of patents, the biggest of which was held by Apple itself. But Jon Hallsten, a 37-year-old self-described innovator from Akron, Ohio, thinks he knows his way through the minefield. Having just launched a new product called Magzet (really!) on Kickstarter, an adapter that allows you to unplug a pair of headphones just by magnetically snapping off the jack from the cable, Read the article here.

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