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What’s your creative superpower?

I spent the end of last week at the Behance 99u conference in New York City which is my favorite conference of the year. On the first day I had the opportunity to  do a studio session where I could choose a company to go visit and learn from. I chose SY/Partners which has long been a fascinating agency to me with a very strong creative culture and clients like Apple, Starbucks AT&T and IBM. I have seen their founder speak before and really wanted to learn more about them and understand why their culture is so strong.

I got to do three exercises with their team during our time there but the most interesting to me was one where you use a deck of cards that SY/Partners created to find your creative superpower. While I know this might have a ComicCon sound to it was far more insightful.

The process was simple as you were given a deck of custom cards which had the name of the superpower on the front of the card and a description on the back. You would read the back of the first card in the deck to see if you thought it described you or not.  You would then hold that first card and read the second to again see if you thought the second card was more applicable to you than the first card or not. You would then keep the one card that was the most relevant to you and repeat the process of reading new cards, seeing if more applicable to you and discarding the less relevant card. You would do this until you went through the entire deck and were left with just one card was left.  The trait on that last card would then be your superpower and mine was Vision.

You can then go to their website to find out more about your superpower including what this means to you, what you need to be careful or and advice for people who are going to work with you. The entire process is really introspective and insightful since it was created with creative teams in mind so the superpowers and the resulting insights are geared for that type of environment.

I think it is a simple but really great team building exercise since you can us it to start a conversation with someone about their strengths, get insights into how to best team up people with complimentary powers or do an exercise where you can have the team find the superpower for someone to see if what the team thinks matches the person’s perception.

You can learn about SY/Partners superpowers here and a deck is only $15 and you can order it online here. One you have your deck you will also get a special code that will unlock their web site where you will find the additional insights after you have found your superpower. So if you want some new insights about yourself or you want a great team building exercise oder your deck today and enjoy!

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