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Weekly inspirations: May 15th, 2015

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

The Connected Chef

While services like Maple, Munchery, and SpoonRocket offer on-demand meals, and Instacart and FreshDirect take the hassle out of grocery shopping, what about actually cooking a meal? Thanks to a variety of mobile apps, step-by-step cooking instructions are easier than ever to follow along with in the kitchen. But, thanks to the internet of things, our appliances are also syncing up with recipes—helping users cook the perfect meal. Mirroring much of the innovation we see outside of the kitchen, our devices are collecting precise measurements (aka analytics), and providing timely notifications and one-on-one support. This article is a great summary of some of the best new apps and devices for the connected chef.
Read the article here.

Taking Net-a-Porter’s New Social Network for a Test Drive

Net-a-Porter’s unveiling its own new social network called The Net Set this week. It is interesting since the days of companies building their own communities has been long gone so it will be interesting to see if they are able to build momentum behind something like this.
Read the article here.

Designers And Developers: No Longer A House Divided

As the web continues to evolve at a breakneck, Moore’s-law pace, the divisions between traditional design and development are increasingly shifting. The “learn to code” movement is also gaining momentum among designers, but you’d be hard pressed to find a similarly strong movement for other disciplines within a team. Perhaps there should be. We should all be striving to learn, but the question remains, what exactly should we learn? Maybe it isn’t as simple as “learn to develop” or “learn to design,” but is about learning to communicate and collaborate, to respect the nuances of each other’s craft — and the artistry and reason that they both demand in equal measure — without attempting to master it for oneself. This article does a great job of looking at this problem and how we can overcome it.
Read the article here.

Get Free Wi-Fi at the Beach, But Only If You’re In the Shade

Summer is nearly here, which means legions of the pale and the cold-stricken will emerge from their bunkers and wool sweaters to lay bare their skin and bask in the almighty sunshine. But a new PSA campaign is going right to the beach to remind people about the risks of skin cancer with an installation offering people something in return for stepping into the shade. Agency Happiness Brussels has created “Shadow Wi-Fi,” a free Wi-Fi system that only operates in the shade. It is an interesting combination of PSA and something that taps into what has become a deep cultural need – WiFi.
Read the article here.

GPS eReader Lets the Book Take Place Wherever the Reader Is Located

An eReader lets travelers bring thousands of books with them on their journeys, but what if each of those stories was customized to wherever they happened to be at the moment? That’s the idea behind the Trip Book from a Brazilian loyalty program called Smiles that uses GPS to automatically change the location and landmarks in a story to wherever the reader is located. It’s an interesting twist on personalization and location aware content thought it will be interesting to see if it catches on since the value proposition  is a little weak.
Read the article here.

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