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Weekly Inspirations: July 24th, 2015

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

Why we need to be worried about the next generation of designers

Keeping the UK economically competitive, globally attractive and culturally enriched involves having a dynamic and inclusive creative education system. A strong and well-funded arts education base is a sure sign of a thoughtful and progressive society. Decisions made about the value of art and design in the curriculum at primary and secondary school may have more impact on the popularity and value of design and visual communication at degree level than tuition fees ever could. Within higher education we want the strongest, most talented and brightest students in our subject areas, but are worried that school-age children are already being put off from creative disciplines.
Read the article here.

Great Leaders Know When to Step Aside

We talk about the need for leaders to be visible… commanding… present… courageous. We think of strong leaders as those who, by moderating their tone or telling a memorable tale, can make a crowd roll with laughter or fall silent in reflection. A strong leader’s brand is associated with words like intelligence, inspiration, vision, and influence. It’s true – these qualities define how a leader shows up at work. But what do they mean – if anything – to how a leader actually impacts the work? There are indeed times when leaders should step onto center stage. But other times, the most important step a leader can take is a step out of the way. Here are five common missteps (pun intended) leaders make when they’re trying too hard to “be the leader,” and a few thoughts about how to do things differently.
Read the article here.

The “Brute Force” School of Design: Prototyping over Presentations

Joe Stewart, founding partner of the digital design agency Work & Co and former partner at Huge, knows there is no substitute for hard work. Joe paid his dues during his early design days under the leadership of Todd Purgason at JUXT Interactive—a time he jokingly refers to as “Boot Camp for Designers”—where he learned that when trying to be one of the best, working harder than the rest of the pack is the only way to get ahead.
Read the article here.

Forever 21 Turns Your Instagram Photos Into Real-Time, Real-Life portraits, In Thread

Forever 21’s latest marketing stunt brings new meaning to the phrase, “nice threads.” The fashion brand and Brooklyn-based digital agency Breakfast unveiled a massive screen designed to show off specially tagged Instagram shots. But it’s not a digital screen—in fact, the “pixels” on this screen are made entirely out of 1.5 inch-wide thread (ribbon is probably a more apt term) that rotate around to create a fabric tableau.
Read the article here.

Everybody Scrolls.

Evolve your design too quickly and you’ll leave your users behind. Design too slowly and your users will do the same to you. It’s crucial to keep design practices aligned with the way users really interact with digital products and interfaces. To help, Huge’s UX and research teams are collaborating to test conventional and emerging design and usability standards.
Read the article here.

Test Your Eye For Color With This Addictive iPhone Game

A hue test can be a maddening exercise. Arranging colors into a perfect gradient sounds easy enough, until you’re staring at two teals that you swear are exactly the same. The glee of bragging rights goes out the window as you’re faced with the limits of your own perception. But Specimen—a new, free-to-play iPhone game by Sal Randazzo, Erica Gorochow and Charlie Whitney—makes these color tests fun. Its premise sounds easy enough: Vibrant amebas float around in a black petri dish, a color pops up in the background, and you need to tap the matching ameba.
Read the article here.

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