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Weekly Inspirations: August 7th, 2015

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

Be the Leader you Wish you had

I thought this was a great article on leadership from Clark Scheffy a designer at IDEO. It looks at when he was a fresh, newly appointed lead in their Boston studio, struggling to have much fun. He viewed my role as a thankless duty to direct and be responsible for others. He believed he was a fixer of broken things, thinking, and people. And the story he told himself was that he was the martyr for the fun that others were having while he dealt with the important leaderly stuff. As a result, he spent most of my time finding and focusing on problems, real or imagined, and adding to a growing list of things he would solve to make my mark. The article is a fun look at how he changed all of that and started having fun.
Read the article here.

Deskside: Richard Christiansen

I have been lucky enough to have known and worked with Richard Christiansen the founder of Chandelier Creative for a long time. he is one of the most creative people I know and I have no doubt that you know his work which ranges from the new TV commercials for Old Navy to rebranding Playboy to conceiving all the kaleidoscopic visuals and promotion for Aussie dance-pop deity Kylie Manogue’s The Entertainer stadium tour. This interview is a great look into his creative process, how he got his start and much more.
Read the article here.

Amazon Dash Buttons Are Now Available

Amazon’s Dash button are now available to Amazon Prime members for purchase at $4.99. The eighteen branded buttons allow customers to order specific items with the push of a button. The buttons can be configured to order different types and quantities of certain products. For example, pushing the Gatorade button could order a 6 pack of lemon-lime Gatorade. The Dash buttons connect via Wi-Fi and send a notification to the user’s phone whenever a button is pushed to make an order. The Amazon Dash buttons are currently in a limited release, so they may not be available for long.
Get your Dash button here.

TOMS Brings Customers on Virtual Reality Giving Trips

TOMS is a shoe brand known for its One for One program where they give a pair of shoes to children in need for every pair a customer purchases. Through a new experience they now let those customers feel what it is like to give away the shoes. TOMS Virtual Giving Trips is a 4 minute 360 degree film that uses Samsung Gear VR headsets showing the journey of a Giving Trip in Peru giving kids brand new shoes. During the VR experience, users ride in the back of a JEEP, measure kids’ feet, and meet a Peruvian boy who later shows them his home.
Read the article here.

5 things that make recruiters leave your LinkedIn profile (and how to fix them)

LinkedIn can make or break your chances of getting an interview — you probably already know this. But just like with your resume, what you leave off your profile is just as important as what you keep on it. When it comes to the latter, we’ve given you plenty of tips regarding what should be there — from brilliant summaries to killer headlines that attract recruiters. But today we’re talking about the former — all the items you need to leave off. Or, in most cases, remove before you make one more hiring manager cringe and X out. This article lists 5 of the biggest and most common problems with some good advice on how to fix them.
Read the article here.

KFC Adds Bluetooth Photo-Printer to Fried Chicken Bucket

KFC Canada may have found a way to make sure the memory of eating out of their iconic communal bucket isn’t lost to time: by printing it out and placing it on the fridge. Introducing the KFC bucket photo-printer, or “Memory Bucket” as the company calls it. With Bluetooth technology, users can snap a picture with their smart phone, pair the device with the bucket, and print the shot. This new approach to bucket technology is being released just in time for the 60th anniversary of KFC in Canada. However, the company will only be giving away to a few of these limited edition buckets, so, sadly not everyone’s greasy mug will be memorialized.
Read the article here.

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