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Weekly Inspirations: September 18th, 2015

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

7 Secrets to Being an Extraordinary Creative Manager

If you’re fortunate, you’ve had a good manager who has shown you what it feels like to experience a supportive boss. But just because you know what it’s like to have a good manager, doesn’t mean you know how to be one. Also, going from flying solo to directing one or more people’s work doesn’t just entail a change in title, it requires a fundamental mindset shift and more advanced work strategies. Through my own experience with managing others and through coaching individuals at all levels from first-time managers to top executives in large organizations, I’ve discovered these best practices. If you find yourself wondering how to handle your new role or struggling to get a handle on your current one, this article goes through the steps you can take to help you become an extraordinary creative leader.
Read the article here.

Samsung Smart Sleep Tracker Can Adjust Home Devices

Samsung has added to its collection of smarthome devices with its new sleep tracker. Called SleepSense, the sensor is made to live under a users mattress and, despite the distance between it and the user, can accurately track a user’s heart and repertory rates as well as how often they toss in their sleep. Based on a user’s data, the corresponding app will offer suggestions on how they can improve their sleep, ranging from changes in lifestyle, nutrition and exercise routines. The device also includes an alarm that will gradually wake the user based on their natural sleep cycle. What is perhaps the most impressive feature is that SleepSense can interact with other connected home devices, such as a TV or air-conditioner, and adjust those devices to aid a person’s sleep. For example, if SleepSense determines that a user is sleeping, but they forgot to turn off the lights or the TV, it will do that for them. The sensor is also able to increase or decrease the temperature via the thermostat if it determines that a user is too hot or cold. Samsung has not announced a release date or a price for SleepSense or how it will work with multiple users.
Read the article here.

The right design at the right time

Read the article here.

Wilson’s Smart Basketball Tracks Your Stats

Wilson Sporting Goods made a simple basketball into a shot tracker. The Wilson X Connected Basketball contains a sensor that syncs with an app via Bluetooth to track the total number of shots taken, the distance from the basket, and the overall shooting percentage. The battery lasts for two years or around 100,000 shots thanks to its hibernation mode when the ball is inactive. The Wilson X won’t track shots less than 7 feet from the rim or if the ball doesn’t hit the ground. Purchase the Wilson X basketball for $199.99 and download the free iOS app, an Android app is coming soon.
Read the article here.

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