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Weekly Inspirations: September 25th, 2015

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

Design in Sketch Then Animate In Keynote

If you have read this blog recently you know that I’ve changed over my UI/UX design workflow to Sketch and I’ve never looked back. One of the other tools I use a ton to prototype has always been Keynote and this article does a great job of laying out the detailed workflow of how to take yo work out of Sketch and animate it in Keynote.
Read the article here.

Fostering a Creative Culture Within the Creative Department

As creative directors, we have so many tasks on our plate that we sometimes overlook the simple things: Are people happy? I want my team to love what they do and to love the people they work with. I want work to actually be fun and enriching. I thought it would be helpful for others to hear the types of things that we do at my agency to help foster a culture of creativity and to bring a little fun into our creative world. Hopefully, it will help you find your own things that will inspire your team—because what works for one agency might not work for another—and to share what you are doing so we can collectively help one another. I believe we should always strive to help each other. This article has some good ideas to foster fun and creativity in your creative team.
Read the article here.

What You Need To Know About Anticipatory Design

If you follow my work then you know that I am a huge believer in the power of proactive and dynamic  user interfaces that curate content for the user.  I think that in a world where the demands for people’s attention continues to grow and their attention spans continue to shrink that the experiences that are able to correctly surface content to people when they need it will be the ones that demonstrate the most value and are used the most often. This article is a lengthy look at this concept, only renamed anticipatory design, and how a lot of different brands are starting to bring it to life. It is a great primer to understand the concept and see who you could start to bring it into your work.
Read the article here.

App links together smartphones turning them into a giant surround sound speaker

That’s the idea behind AmpMe, a new music streaming app for iPhone and Android that syncs up you and your friends’ phones to create a connected speaker. Sure, listening to music out of your iPhone’s speakers isn’t a great experience, but there’s (speaker) strength in numbers, and AmpMe is the quickest speaker replacement out there — and it’s a lot better than the old smartphone-in-a-cup trick too.
Read the article here.

20th Century Fox to Release Full-Length Films on Oculus

Oculus’s virtual reality cinema has not only been given a new name—say hello to Oculus Video—but it has scored its first major Hollywood studio partnership with the announcement that 20th Century Fox will make its movies available on the new platform. Fox said it will make about a hundred films from its library—including hit titles like Best Picture Oscar winner BirdmanAlienDie HardKingsman: The Secret ServiceCast Away, and many others—available to rent or buy through Oculus Video. Initially, users will be able to watch the films on Samsung’s Gear VR, and over time, on the full-scale Oculus Rift, which is expected to be available early in 2016.
Read the article here.

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