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Weekly Inspirations: October 23rd, 2015

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

Microsoft Research Debuts Autocomplete For Animation, And It’s Incredible

Microsoft Research, working with the University of Hong Kong and the University of Tokyo, has a remarkable new technology that it calls “Autocomplete hand drawn animations.” Unveiled at the Siggraph Asia conference, it doesn’t appear that a formal white paper has been released, but there is this illustrative video of the tech. You can watch as someone draws a fish once, then, upon drawing a single line for the next frame, the software suggests a skeleton to trace. It’s responsive, too, shaping its wireframes around your sketches in real-time. And it also features a few other neat tricks, like if you begin filling in a pattern, it can sense that and suggest more of the pattern—or if you add color or detail to the first frame of your animation, it can duplicate it across the entire work.
Read the article here.

Making design critiques count

Design critiques can be incredibly valuable to designers or they can be something that really confuse and bring down the prices depending on who they are run and who is involved in them. This article is a great blueprint for how to run better design critiques so they create value for everyone involved.
Read the article here.

This Device Will Turn Your Clunker Into A Smart Car for $200

Tech companies and automakers are racing to get more connected cars on the road, but unless consumers have a few grand to spare on a new ride, they’re missing out on some of the fuel savings, security, and diagnostic tools that come standard with today’s models. The San Francisco–based startup Voyomotive—founded by Peter Yorke and Harald Ekman—found itself wondering about that problem. As the company saw it, cars have steadily become computers on wheels and all that’s needed is a single device that can tap into these systems, track the data, take action, and improve the experience.
Read the article here.

Todd Henry on Becoming Louder Than Words with Your Unique Voice

How do you really set yourself apart this noisy and crowded world? And how do you do work that is truly remarkable? The key is to develop an authentic voice. To help people better understand to power of developing your unique voice –the GenX Amplified podcast had speaker, author, and podcaster, Todd Henry discuss his latest best-selling book, Louder Than Words: Harness the Power of your Authentic Voice.
Read the article and listen to the podcast here.

Campbell’s Dish Up Recipes Via Amazon Echo

Campbell’s teamed up with Amazon’s cylindrical A.I. home companion Echo to offer users recipes based on a user’s food preferences, the weather, food trends and what’s trending on its website. Alexa, the voice of Echo, will offer users five recipes to pick from when asked.  Once a recipe is selected, Alexa automatically sends the recipe to the user’s email. Campbell’s said it doesn’t plan on selling the branded Echos seen in the picture above.
Read the article here.

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