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Weekly Inspirations: November 6th, 2015

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

Design a Bentley Using Your Emotions

UK based luxury car brand Bentley Motors has launched an app that generates a personalized virtual Bentley based on a person’s passions, lifestyle and personality type. The Inspirator app identifies 34 facial landmarks at 15 frames per second as the viewer watches stimulating film content shown on-screen. The app monitors their reactions and interprets them to configure their perfect Bentley. Their reactions dictate a unique film narrative because the film changes depending on the moments the viewer responds to most positively. It also deciphers their preferences in order to create a unique vehicle configuration, which is revealed at the end of the film. Users can then develop the design further and personalize it using numerous bespoke options.
Read the article here.

Object-Oriented UX

We know big, monolithic webpages won’t meet the needs of responsive sites and endless screens. But we’re often still quilting together design patterns and content modules, rather than truly thinking in systems. Sophia Voychehovski shows us how defining the objects our users interact with, and the relationships between them, opens doors to more interconnected—and successful—user experiences.
Read the article here.

A Facebook Designer Reveals How Her Favorite Objects Inspire The Site’s Design

Ever since she was a child, Margaret Gould Stewart, Facebook’s director of product design, was “interested in artifacts,” she says, especially functional things that stayed in the family for a long time. She recalls seeing the sewing tools of her great aunt, who had been a seamstress during the Depression, and being amazed to think that a button made 100 years ago could still do its job today. Today, as a user experience designer, Stewart still deeply appreciates classic design of physical products, even as she focuses on the digital. At Facebook, Stewart focuses on creating a seamless experience for the businesses advertising products on the platform; prior to her time at Facebook, Stewart worked at YouTube and Google.
Read the article here.

App-Controlled Spray Paint Can Lets Users Print Graffiti

Graffiti is one of the most vocal forms of art, and in recent times, it’s lost the taboo status it carried when the likes of Blek Le Rat started stencilling rats on the streets of Paris. It’s now appreciated worldwide, and has practically become its own genre. Actually creating something interesting, however, takes a massive amount of time and skill. Now, a small startup in Estonia has come up with a device that can give us all a chance at creating a piece of graffiti – the SprayPrinter. The device, with its accompanying app, turns any photo on your phone into a pixel-style piece of wall art and even connects to spray paint cans so you can print the image wherever you want with confidence.
Read the article here.

Designing More Efficient Forms

Salesforce users work with forms day in and day out, whether they are salespeople, admins, or managers. Being able to seamlessly add, edit, and delete information is a key driver of productivity. Improving this experience is one of the UX team’s goals with the new Lightning Experience. The work on Lightning is interesting to see a large brand put a new design language in place and use it to completely change the experience for their customers.
Read the article here.

This Innovative Notebook Is Like MagSafe for Moleskines

The Rekonect is a new journal, somewhat similar to a Moleskine in appearance, with one killer feature that promises to make disorderly notebooks a thing of the past: it features a magnetic spine that allows you to pop pages in and out, rearranging them according to your choosing. It was designed by Charles Goodman, a California based graphic designer who was frustrated by his own inability to keep an orderly notebook. Now on Kickstarter, the Rekonect Notebook is currently available for preorder, starting at just $34 for a notebook and a replacement packet of magnetic pages.
Read the article here.

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