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Best Apple Pencil accessories (so far)

The iPad Pro was just released last week and the Apple Pencil seems to still be a few weeks away but it hasn’t stopped some manufacturers from starting to roll out accessories for this new device. But before we go into the individual accessories lets take a quick look at why you might need any of them.

Over the years I have tried out A LOT of different iPad stylus from a lot of different companies and my previous favorites were the Adobe Ink and the Pencil stylus from 53. Adobe Ink had the best weight and feel but it’s nearly $200 cost was prohibitively expensive for most people. The Pencil from 53 was much more affordable and was easy to pick up and use but its large size and oversized stylus tip made it fine for casual use but not for anything that required precision. The other stylus I have liked in the past were from Jot but mainly because they had a magnet in them that would let you stick the stylus to your iPad which made it really easy to carry around the office without fear of always dropping it.


Apple Pencil Magnet


The first problem I saw was that the Apple Pencil didn’t have magnet like the Jot or a case like the Adobe Ink so I was concerned about losing it, dropping it or damaging it. I am sure we will see a number of different accessories trying to solve this problem but the first one I’ve seen that looks like an elegant solution come from Moxiware.  They have created a simple sleeve that slides over the Apple Pencil in 6 different colors and adds a magnet that will let the Apple Pencil stick to the front or back of your iPad Pro. I’ve ordered one partially because I really like to be able to attach my stylus to my iPad but also because I like that I am able to have a main black Apple Pencil which is a bit more in keeping with my style.
You can by the Apple Pencil magnetic sleeve here for $14.95 for a limited time. 



Apple Pencil Charging Dock

The other problem is charging the Apple Pencil is going to require you to plug it into the bottom of the iPad Pro which it a bit awkward and seems kind of a dangerous proposition because you could accidentally hit it and damage the charging pin. Here again Moxiware has created the best solution I’ve found which is a charging stand for your Apple Pencil. It is the same idea of the charging stands that have been around for years for iPod and iPhones but since the pencil charges so quickly this makes a lot more sense to me and it is something that I would put on my desk.
You can buy the docks here for $29.95 for a limited time.


Apple Pencil Mushroom Stand

If you don’t want a charging stand then the new mushroom stand from Thinkcase is a simple solution. It will be instantly familiar to anyone who has ever used a Wacom tablet and the stand that came with that stylus. The stand is solid aluminum and lets you rest the Apple Pencil in it either horizontally or vertically. I’ve found the vertical position is really nice when need to charge it by either putting it next to the iPad or if you have it plugged into the charging cable. It comes in 4 different colors and ranges in price from $15.99 to $20.99.
You can buy the docks here for $15.99 for a limited time.

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