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Weekly Inspirations: December 4th, 2015

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

A Smarter Pet Food Bowl By The Mind Behind Disney Magicbands

As many as 54% of U.S. dogs are overweight, and that blame is on all of us. Dogs don’t go shopping. They don’t portion their own meals. It’s the human element that overfeeds a loyal pet and needs retraining. ProBowl, on Indiegogo now, is a smart food bowl that can help you help your dog lose weight. Designed by Matter—which was founded by Max Burton, who worked on early iterations of the Nike+ Fuelband and was largely responsible for the Disney Magicband—the ProBowl is essentially a scale that weighs the food or water you pour in. It connects via Wi-Fi to a smartphone app that allows you to monitor, or wean your dog’s eating over time. And if at any time you over pour a serving, or if another family member accidentally feeds the dog again, the bowl will turn red.
Read the article here.

What Amazing Bosses Do Differently

We all know that job satisfaction often hinges on the quality of the relationships we have with our bosses. Yet in today’s rapidly evolving, 24/7 workplaces, it’s not always clear what managers should do to create the most satisfying work experiences and the happiest employees. My research into the world’s most successful bosses has unearthed some common practices that make work much more meaningful and enjoyable. If you supervise others this is a great article that lists the things you need to make sure you do every day.
Read the article here.

Uber Has a Colorful New Way to Prevent Awkward Car Mixups

Uber is rolling out a new, color-coded technology called SPOT. The company is providing the devices, which appear to be long, thin LED lights, to drivers to attach to the inside of their windshield. After a rider hails a car, he or she will be asked to select a color — yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue, or green — while they wait. When the driver arrives, the SPOT device will glow in that color. And riders can press and hold the color on their phone to light up their screens, allowing the driver to identify them in return.
Read the article here.

20 creative ways of using Evernote

I am addicted to Evernote. It keeps my bring organized, it helps me work through connecting, note taking and myriad of other things so it is the app I use constantly. This article lays out 20 new ways that I had never thought about to use Evernote.
Read the article here.

Prototypo: Design Typefaces with the Ease of Moving a Slider

Prototypo is a parameter-based typeface generator that looks very promising. With the ease of moving a slider, everything from serif height, roundness, and arc, to stem weight and ascender height can be adjusted. Actually, that’s just a few of the variables you can adjust here. The web app allows you to design an entire character set at once (including uppercase, lowercase, smallcaps, figures and punctuation), then tweak individual glyphs until everything’s perfect.
Read the article here.

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