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Weekly Inspirations: December 11th, 2015

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

The Unicorn Workflow: Design To Code With Atomic Design Principles and Sketch

Atomic Design means creating a system of pieces that can come together to create elements and templates that can reuse over and over again. This article by Brad Frost walks you through this new approach to design that I have been using more and more lately.
Read the article here.

App Lets You Record Video Wearing Virtual Makeup

If you often find that your aimless wandering leads you to a Sephora, I’m about to save you a lot of walking. Thanks to a new iOS application called ModiFace Live, you can now apply photo-realistic video effects to your face on live video, essentially allowing you to put on makeup, whiten your teeth, and even enhance your skin, just not IRL. It’s all thanks to ModiFace, the leading provider of augmented reality technology for both the beauty and medical industries, who launched the gesture-controlled live 3D video effect app at TechCrunch Disrupt on Monday.
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2016 Will Be The Year Of AI

Microsoft recently asked 16 members of its technology and research organization to predict the big trends of 2016. There are some outliers—a researcher here who is really excited about styluses, a researcher there who likes depth-field cameras—but by and large, almost all of them seem to be saying one thing: 2016 is going to be a huge year for artificial intelligence, which has important implications for the design industry.
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MIT’s Amazing New App Lets You Program Any Object

The end goal of the Internet of Things is to make every object in your life programmable. But our smart objects are still pretty dumb. They don’t talk to each other, and most are only capable of doing one thing; a smart lightbulb for instance can dim and brighten but it can’t tell your TV to change the channel for you. The result of three years of research at MIT’s Fluid Interfaces Lab, Valentin Heun’s Reality Editor aims to address these problems. It’s an augmented reality app that lets you link the smart objects around you together, just by drawing connections with your finger between them.
Read the article here.

One Thing Steve Jobs Did At Apple That Will Instantly Improve Your Productivity

Busy does not equate to productive. There is one question that will instantly give you a sense for how productive anyone is and set the bar for increasing productivity, “What did you achieve today!” Think about this for a minute. What did you achieve yesterday, the day before? Not so easy is it? We like to think of achievement as something we do over long periods of time, monthly, quarterly, yearly, but not daily. Yet, if you set the expectation that each day should include a defined achievement, let’s call it an “achievement goal,” then you are creating a nearly instant metric for how productive each day will be and you are taking direct personal responsibility for that goal’s achievement.
Read the article here.

Biometric Tattoos Raise the Bar in Wearable Technology

Collecting biometric data is old news – your smartphone can do it on its own, or through linked accessories like a bracelet or a badge in order to monitor how many steps you’ve taken in a day, how many calories you’ve burnt, or how deep your sleep was. But Tech Tatts stand out because they are directly attached to the skin potentially providing more accurate information and for a longer window of time. Still this technology is removable, it’s not like it’s surgically implanted under the skin or anything like that. The electric paint can wash off pretty much like a temporary tattoo. It is still unclear what sort of precautions one would have to go through in order not to wash it off too quickly though. The device is something you would apply once a year to collect medical data and avoid health check-ups in the clinic
Read the article here.

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