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Weekly Inspirations: January 8th, 2016

I did a lot of reading over the holidays and found a lot of great new articles to start off the new year so here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

Creativity Is Nourished by Conflict

Talk to any brilliant creative about their life leading up to their success and you’ll discover some messy stuff. The role of conflict — conflict with others and conflict within — is especially evident when you examine the inflection points in creative careers. This latest article from Behance founder Scott Belsky is a great look at how creativity is nourished by conflict.
Read the article here.

Four Things Working at Facebook Has Taught Me About Design Critique

Critique is an important part of any design process, whether you work within a diverse team or independently. The feedback you get through a formal critique can help get you outside your own head in order to make better decisions, overcome obstacles, and strengthen your craft. Yet, when the author first joined Facebook he was worried about the weekly, two hour block they had scheduled for critique was a waste of time. At Facebook, critiques have played out a bit differently. The meetings are much more centralized around authentic critique and less about providing criticism or pushing an agenda. This article looks at how they do those critiques and why they are effective.
Read the article here.

IDEO’s Employee Engagement Formula

IDEO’s origin story sometimes sounds like a myth or a fable, but it’s actually true. There are four elements of their culture that came directly from his founding statement. They think they’re essential factors in keeping employees engaged — not just at their company, but at any company. This article looks at those four factors and why they are so important.
Read the article here.

A collection of free resources made by designers at Facebook.

A really nice collection of design assets like an iOS 9 GUI, device library, hands holding devices and their prototyping software Origami. They are robust and really well done so it is a great free resource I would pick up.
Read the article here.

The best design conferences and events to plan for in 2016

Compared to other industry events, expectations are sky-high at design conferences. The best conferences offer great value to multi-tasking designers. In a single event, one can find creative inspiration, learn about the latest gizmos, network with peers and vendors, broker new partnerships (or jobs), meet design luminaries, and experience the local hospitality of the host city along the way. How to decide? Consider the speakers, the location, the event’s track record, and don’t forget the attendee list—after all, many of these annual meetings have become ersatz tribal gatherings for design professionals interested in distinct specializations. Listed in chronological order, here’s a list of the design conferences we’re looking forward to this year.
Read the article here.

Silver Flows – Lightweight Mobile Prototyping, Directly in Sketch

Silver is the first prototyping tool built exclusively for Sketch. It is perfect for making quick, flow-based prototypes, but it also plays nice with Framer.js to help you add micro-interactions to your Flows. With the Silver Module for Framer, you can send actions back and forth between Silver and Framer. It is currently in private beta and will be launching our public beta very soon.
Learn more about Silver Flows here.

7 Personalities You Need on Your Design Team

There is so much that goes into pushing great design out into the world. A good place to start is getting the right personalities on your team. Now, no personality is without it’s downsides, but here are a few that I think can be pretty helpful. Keep in mind that these may not be individual people. Depending on the size of the team, they might be all rolled up into one.
Read the article here.

Geek Out On This Neat Collection Of Apple Products In Prague’s Unofficial Apple Museum

Though you can’t yet visit an official brick-and-mortar Apple Store in Prague, you can go to the next best thing: an Apple Museum. Housed in three historical buildings in the capital of the Czech Republic, the museum calls itself “the largest private collection of Apple products in the world,” showcasing Apple, Pixar, and NeXT products across its 472 exhibits. Visitors can see everything from the first battery-powered Mac to a collection of Steve Jobs’s old business cards, as well as a range of fully functioning Apple computers from 1976 to 2012.
Learn more about the museum here.

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