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What should I talk about at Adobe MAX 2016?

It is only the first day of February but I have already started working on some ideas for my talk or talks f Adobe MAX 2016 in October in San Diego. Last year my talk with Geoff Dowd called “Beyond the Lightbulb: How to concept, design and prototype great ideas” was a huge success, made us both Adobe MAX Masters and was one of the most fun sessions I have ever done. The year befoe my session with Trina Cintron called “The Crazy Ones: How To Be A Leader Who Inspires Creativity and Innovation” was the most popular at the entire event, also made us Adobe MAX Masters and seems liked it had a huge effect on a lot of people. So I want to go for three in a row and get an Adobe MAX Master rating again this but I need your help. I wanted to reach out to see what people would want me to talk about this year. Early contenders have been Design Thinking, Leadership (possibly how to become a Creative Director or how to become a better leader), Wearable App Design and Design Prototyping. I’ve put a poll on my Twitter account to let everyone have a say so I can show up with the content you all want to really hear. Click here to go to my Twitter page and vote now to let me know what you are interested in hearing me talk about.

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