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Weekly Inspirations: February 12th, 2016

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

Wearable Translators: Making Life Easier With the Press of a Button

Language barriers while traveling the world may become a problem of the past with the advent of new technology. The latest craze in the tech world was recently unveiled at the 2016 Electronics Show: a wearable translator. The Japanese startup Logbar plans on releasing the portable translator called the “ili” this summer. The actual device looks like an Apple TV controller and is hung around your neck. With the press of a button, the device is allegedly capable of simultaneous translation. Since it won’t be released to the general public until the summer, we unfortunately still don’t have funny stories about less-than-precise translations that produced hilariously awkward situations. The company claims that its technology will outperform all current translation engines for travel purposes. The first phase will include Japanese, English, and Chinese, and is hoping to make waves in the tourism market.
Find out more about ili here.

3 Myths That Are Killing Your Creativity

If you’re not as creative as you’d like to be, you might tell yourself that you lack a certain something — an inborn instinct for creativity, a natural talent for fresh ideas, the personality needed for creativity. But what if the problem wasn’t something you didn’t have, but something you believed? If people or teams fail to live up to their creative potential, the trouble problem usually isn’t a lack of ability, according to Dealstorming author Tim Sanders. The problem instead is the innovation myths you believe. In a recent Big Think video Sanders explained that many of us have a warped image of creators and the creative process in our heads — and our false beliefs set us up for creative failure. Destroy the myths and you’ll remove the main obstacles keeping you from optimum creativity. Here are three he feels you and your team should dynamite.
Read the article here.

With Quartz’s App, You Don’t Read the News. You Chat With It

woke up, put on a pot of coffee, and checked the news. I wanted to revisit the New Hampshire primary results that had rolled in the night before. I opened Quartz’s new app and was greeted with a text message: “Yep, it’s really happening: Trump and Sanders won big in New Hampshire.” Below it appeared side-by-side portraits of Trump’s scowl and Bernie’s grin. To read more, I tapped a ready-made text reply containing a donkey, an elephant, and an American flag emoji. More texts, and more news, arrived. This is the future of mobile news, as Quartz envisions it. In the app, which launches today and is Quartz’s first, you don’t read the news; you chat with it.
Read the article here.

The Value of Consistent Design

To many designers, consistency doesn’t scream sexy. But to anyone with an understanding of user experience, there couldn’t be a bigger turn on. When someone visits a site for the first time, that’s a new experience. You can make the experience look and feel the same as others but, ultimately, it’s different because the core product is (hopefully) different. While I don’t believe in walking through the motions, the less a user has to learn during a new experience, the better. We should design with this in mind.
Read the article here.

Why Zappos’ CEO Lives in a Trailer, and 13 Other Things You Don’t Know About Him

There are more than 500 billionaires in America, but you’ve probably never met one like Tony Hsieh. The 41-year-old CEO of online shoe company Zappos could live in any multi-million dollar mansion he pleases. But he chooses to live in a 240-square-foot trailer that costs less than $1,000 per month in downtown Las Vegas. Hsieh invited ABC News cameras exclusively inside to capture the uniqueness of the area known as Airstream Park. His neighbors include a pet alpaca named Marley, dog Blizzy and four chickens.
Watch the video here.

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