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Weekly Inspirations: February 19th, 2016

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

29 delightful retro gadgets that will make you nostalgic for old-school technology

Ever since Sebastian P. was a young kid, he’s been obsessed with gadgets and electronics, especially those that made sounds. Sebastian has turned that passion into a fascinating Instagram account that unearths retro gadgets and shares bits of history about them. To date, he’s shared almost 1,000 posts on his Instagram, nightliquid The posts cover design curiosities from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s, and Sebastian says some of his favorites are the obscure ones people haven’t heard of. Sebastian has pulled together 29 of his favorite gadgets, from a drum machine watch to early Apple masterpieces.
Read the article here

Designers shouldn’t code. They should study business.

Increasingly, more and more companies are looking for great design leadership these days. They are being told that their company needs a bigger focus on design thinking and are keen to adopt more design centric principles. But over and over, when these companies talk to designers, they hear about craftsmanship—about brand consistency, and polished design, designers who can code, and style guides, and prototyping, and testing — the designer’s craft. All of those things are good — mandatory even. But for us to truly understand the best way to help a business we have to start focusing on what makes the business successful. We must first understand business in general. Then we will better understand where craft is important (and where it is excessive).
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Good UX designers must be fighters, because compromised designs are not good designs.

This is a fantastic article from Andrew Doherty who is a UX / Product design at Google talking about the extreme importance of being a fighter when you are a designer. This is a topic I have been working on an article for but I may stop now because he really gets it right here.
Read the article here

The New Yorker on Amazon isn’t just TV. It’s a whole new kind of magazine.

A naked woman stands across from a naked man as a museum patron walk between them. An orchestra plays a captivating piece as some of the musicians stand knee-deep in water. A cartoonist sketches a young boy and his mother walking through a graveyard after a funeral. These striking images appear in The New Yorker Presents, a series that premiered this week in a surprising place. Or at least, a place that would have seemed surprising during most of the storied magazine’s 90-year history, not to mention most of the 20 years Amazon has been around. But then, Amazon Prime Video has in the past two years become the latest unexpected place to find high-quality original television.
Read the article here

TED talks on human resources

Human resources is a huge part of what makes businesses work. Strengthen and motivate your team with these accessible talks focused on creating a rich, spirited company culture. These are 10 of the best TED talks about leadership, careers, motivation and teamwork.
Watch the 10 talks here

Nissan’s self-parking chairs keep lazy offices tidy

While motorized human transporters have yet to truly take off, the folks over at Nissan have come up with something more practical for the time being: self-parking office chairs. With a single clap, these futuristic furniture will automagically tuck themselves back into their rightful positions, thus keeping your office or meeting room neat and tidy. And of course, it’s also fun to watch, as you can see in the video after the break. Nissan says these modified Okamura chairs are actually tracked by four motion cameras on the walls, and then they are simultaneously controlled via Wi-Fi.
Read the article here

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