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I’ll be speaking at these 4 upcoming events

I’m very excited to be able to announce that I will be speaking at 4 amazing events in New York, Miami, San Diego and Graz, Austria. I am looking forward to debuting and sharing a lot of new thinking and new sessions I have been working on for a while on a wide variety of subjects. As always Any questions about any of the event please reach out and ask.




I will be returning to speak at FUSE for the third time when it takes places this year in Miami, Florida on April 4th and 5th to deliver two different talks. It has been great to see this event grow over the years to become one of the best events I have been involved with and I am honored to take the stage next to other keynote speakers including designer Stefan Sagmeister, Pepsi Chief Design Officer Mauro Porcini and one of my favorite authors Todd Henry. My talks will be The Future of Digital Branding is Proactive Storytelling that looks at howe need to start creating more proactive experiences and The Crazy Ones: How To Be A Leader Who Inspires Creativity and Innovation.
Learn more about FUSE here



I am happy that I will be giving an oddly rare talk in New York City this year at Generate NYC on April 22nd at the World Stages. I have gotten a ton of interest this year around having me talk about Design Thinking so my talk will be called 1% Inspiration. 99% Designing, Prototyping and Testing which looks at how to effectively use Design Thinking in your everyday workflows. I will also highlight some lesser known design tools including a look at Adobe’s upcoming Project Comet.
Learn more about Generate NYC here




I am also happy to announce once again this year I will be doing at least one talk in  Europe. First up will be a keynote at the Fifteen Seconds Festival in Graz, Austria on June 16th and 17th. I have found that many people in America have never heard of this festival which is a shame since it is one of Europe’s best creative festivals that brings together over 3,000 people to focus on business, innovation and creativity. It also a great way to see a really beautiful part of Europe that few people have seen.
Learn more about the Fifteen Seconds Festival here




Finally, I am very excited to announce that I will be returning to Adobe MAX for the fourth straight year and will be trying to be named a MAX Master for the third straight year (I love a challenge) as one of the top 20 speakers at the entire event. This year MAX will be moving from Los Angeles down the road to San Diego, California on November 2-4.
Learn more about Adobe MAX here



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