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Weekly Inspirations: March 11th, 2016

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

How Google Ventures Uses Design Sprints to Ship Great Products

The brainstorming meeting, as we know it, is broken. Opinions fly around the room and the “solution” chosen can often rely more on power dynamics than the facts. Enter the design sprint, an effective means of testing the potential of your next great idea in a five-day, high-stakes challenge. Developed by Jake Knapp, a Google Ventures design partner, the design sprint method has worked for products as big as Gmail and Google Search and for businesses as wide-ranging as Facebook, Airbnb, Slack, Medium, and Blue Bottle Coffee.
Read the article here

Doing a TED Talk: The Full Story

The issue is, a TED Talk is not a speaking gig. In a speaking gig, I stand in front of a group of people and say stuff. That’s not what a TED Talk is. A TED Talk is a widely-distributed short film, except the only actor is my face and the only plot is me saying words out of my face and the only choreographer is my nervous pacing and awkward arm-flailing, and instead of a bunch of cuts and different shots and a long editing process, there’s just one do-or-die take, with no second chances. This article walks you through the entire behind the scenes process of giving a TED talk so you can see exactly how much work goes into each one of them.
Read the article here

Google Creative Labs The 5 Job Application

Every year Google wins a lot of awards for the best job application process. One of the best is for The 5 which is a one year paid program in Google Creative Labs. Fivers work on things big nd small and ideally first of its kind within Google. This site is the first test in the process where they want to see hat you can do with some shapes,  text bar and a plain white page. you are encouraged to write it, design it, code it, and break it for this “cover letter” to your aplication.
See the job application here

Digital Makeup Is the Wildest Fashion Accessory of Tomorrow

Since the viral demonstration, Omote, captured our hearts and blew our minds in 2014, Japanese creator Nobumichi Asai has been perfecting the art of facial projection mapping. His latest iteration of the face tracking projection technology, connected colors, paints rainbows, aliens, mysterious gas, and butterflies perfectly onto a model’s face, even as she moves to the ethereal music. What we’re seeing here isn’t the invention of a new medium, as in Omote, but the medium’s mastery. This demonstration smooths over many of Omote’s kinks, and showcases the projections interacting with facial structure like never before. At one point, the model seems to breathe in a cloud of smoke, then puff it out her mouth. When will I get to use this technology to erase all my pimples, or, you know, change my identity?
Read the article here

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