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Weekly Inspirations: April 8th, 2016

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

You Don’t Need To Learn To Code + Other Truths About the Future of Careers

There’s a reason most “conventional” career advice sucks: the world is changing at a rapid clip. When well-meaning mentors give advice based on their experiences decades ago, it’s kind of like teaching someone how to drive using a horse and buggy. In his latest book, Average Is Over, economist Tyler Cowen argues that we need to reshape the way we think about jobs, and in turn, our careers, in the wake of this rapid technological change.
Read the article here

Ikea Turns Kitchen Remodelling Into Virtual Reality Game

Ikea is launching a pilot virtual reality app called the Ikea VR Experience as the first HTC Vive headsets begin to ship. The app, built using the Unreal Engine 4 from Epic Games, puts Vive headset owners into a virtual Ikea kitchen of real-world size. Users can then change the cabinet and drawer colors for three different kitchens, and view it from the height of a child or adult. Ikea already offers customers several robust 3D planning tools to help design and visualize kitchens, wardrobes, and storage areas down to the millimeter. The Ikea VR Experience is clearly no match for those… yet.
Read the article here

Beautiful Digital Branding: Discover the World of Pharrell Williams

Discover the world of Pharrell Williams’ is a great example of beautiful branding and UI/UX work. The project shared by Ronald Gijezen and Robbert Schefman exemplifies a powerful combination of print style applied gracefully to the web and mobile devices. I love that some screens could actually be amazing posters hanging on my wall, that’s a clear statement of the level of craftsmanship behind this project.
Read the article here

Vivaldi Browser Hands-on: Powerful Chrome Alternative

Sure, you can add apps and extensions to Chrome, but if you’ve gotten bored with that browser, you might want to check out Vivaldi, a more customizable option for Windows, Mac and Linux users. After months of beta releases, Vivaldi released its 1.0 version update, and it gives users a ton of features, including useful tab management options, deep customization and even support for Chrome extensions. We’ve tried it out, and the feature-rich browser is intriguing, but it still needs some time in the development oven.
Read the article here  |  Download Vivaldi here

User Flows Sketch Plug-in

This is a new plugin for generating user walkthroughs from Artboards in Sketch which I have been trying out and really liking. Its simple to use and can be a really useful tool.
Read the article here

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