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I’m bringing 7+ hours of new sessions to Adobe MAX 2016

I am extremely happy to announce that for the 4th consecutive year, I will be speaking at Adobe MAX. I will be trying for the 4th consecutive year of completely sold out sessions and trying to be named as an Adobe MAX Master, as one of the top twenty speakers at the entire event, for the third year in a row! I’ll be bringing over 7 hours of new content in one 75 minute solo session and two 3 hour workshops!

The solo session called ‘Success Is a Choice: Building Creativity and Leadership in Your Team’is going to focus on building creativity and leadership in the team you have today. It will build and expand on my wildly successful ‘The Crazy Ones’ session I gave at MAX two years sharing a lot of my new successes, failures, and insights. This session is selling out fast as it already has over 200 people registered so if you want a seat you better register soon before it sells out.

My workshops last year got incredible reviews that made me an Adobe MAX Master for the second time. For this year’s workshop called ‘1% Inspiration, 99% Design Thinking’ I will be reuniting with design mastermind Geoff Dowd to once again focus on Design Thinking. We wanted to be sure we had enough time to really improve on last year’s format, cover all our content and once again have a lot of fun creating some cool ideas. So we lengthened the workshop to three hours and think it will be well for the time increase.

Adobe MAX is always one of my favorite conferences to speak at and attend every year. They have already announced incredible keynote speakers like Keegan -Michael Key and Jared Leto so this year should be no different. Early bird pricing lasts until August 19th and my sessions are selling out fast so be sure to go register today and I hope to see you there!

Success Is a Choice: Building Creativity and Leadership in Your Team

11/3/16 (Thursday) 12:45 PM – 2
Companies are finally starting to see the true value of design, which has created great opportunities for creative teams. But few understand how to foster leadership that can deliver greater creativity, innovation, and results from the same teams they’re working with today.

This session will provide tangible takeaways to help you:

  • Foster a culture that creates strong leadership and positions your agency or client-side teams for success
  • Grow creativity and understand how to use design thinking to bring about changes in your company
  • Understand the three most common leadership blind spots and what you can do to overcome them


1% Inspiration, 99% Design Thinking

11/2/16 (Wednesday) 2:45 PM – 6D
11/4/16 (Friday) 1:30 PM – 6D
More and more companies are embracing design thinking but this often feels more like madness than a method for designing, prototyping and testing. During this interactive workshop Stephen Gates, Global Head of Design at Citi, and designer leader Geoff Dowd will walk you through how they create concepts, design, and prototypes for ideas in any medium using Design Thinking learned from leading global design studios and insights they have gained from working with Apple, Google, Adobe, and IDEO.

This session will provide tangible takeaways to help you:

  • Implement design thinking processes and tools to drive innovation in your company
  • Understand the role of people in successful design thinking
  • Transition through the phases of inspiration, ideation, and implementation
  • Use tools like visualization, mapping, and storytelling to create solutions

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