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Check out to my new podcast on creativity, leadership and more

Talking about creativity, leadership, innovation and more.

Over the past few years the demands on my time have steadily increased and as a result, I find that I’m rarely able to write the more in-depth articles I really want to for this blog. Most of my writing consists of my weekly inspirations which are an important part of my process but I hate being reduced to someone who is just passing on the creativity and experiences of other people.

At the same time, I’ve always been aware of the fact that I am a designer by profession and a writer by necessity. I love writing but I love speaking at conferences and teaching more. So a podcast seemed like a natural next evolution of this site. It’s also selfishly important for me because I’ve learned that when I feel like my process is stagnating or I am not able to be as creative as I want to be then I have to blow up my process and do something different.

So I thought I would do something new and launch this podcast to be able to go in more depth on the subjects that really matter to me like creativity, leadership, innovation and design. I still plan to write some article for the this but feel like the podcast is a forum where I can share a lot more of my experience with everyone.

I already have the first three episodes done which consist of a quick introduction to the show, an episode looking everything I have learned about creativity and the first of a two-part show on leadership.  I have another 20+ shows mapped out and some of the topics will be things I can cover in a single episode and some of them I will cover in 3 or 4 episodes that I will release all at once.

Listen and subscribe now on Apple iTunes,Google Play Music, Sound Cloud, Pocket CastsStitcher and TuneIn.


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