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Weekly Inspirations: July 29nd, 2016

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

Virgin America’s New App Puts A Travel Agent In Your Pocket

Travel agents were among the first casualties of the Internet age, rendered obsolete by websites that let travelers select and book their own flights. But considering how time-consuming and complex it can be to hunt down the right seat at the right time and for the best price (be honest—how many airline tabs did you have open the last time you tried to fly?), some of us may be nostalgic for the golden age of travel in which your trusted agent knew your preferences—where you fly most frequently, window or aisle seat, first class or economy—completed the booking to those specifications, and bid you a polite bon voyage. With its new app by the digital product design firm Work & Co, Virgin America aims to make booking and managing your flights as easy as it would be with a travel agent. It’s also designed to act like a concierge once it’s time to check in and board. The app launches in beta today and is expected to go fully public at the end of August.
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The best advice I can give on public speaking.

Many people have been asking me to write about this topic for a while. I’m fairly new to the whole speaking and giving talks kinda thing. But within the last two years I’ve stood on many stages around the world giving 30+ talks in more than 25 cities. I’m only counting the talks since the last 2–3 years, because those are the only ones I gave in English, my second language. Now that doesn’t make me an expert at giving talks, but there are a couple things I learned during this time.
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This $500 shirt changes patterns when it detects air pollutants

As the Internet of Things grows at a rapid rate, so does my skepticism for each additional “smart” product that makes it to market. The latest gadget of questionable necessity is a new line of smart shirts that are capable of detecting dangerous pollutants in the air. The concept is a cool fusion of tech and fashion, but I’m not sure how useful the shirts will be. The three shirts, made by Aerochromics, are each built to detect either carbon monoxide, particle pollution, or radioactivity. Basically, when the shirts find dangerous levels of pollutants in the air, they change color, displaying a bold geometric pattern and alerting the wearer.
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Peek Inside a Facebook Design Critique

At Facebook, where we’re working to make the world more open and connected, an inherent part of our mission is to share how we create the things we build. We recently decided to begin sharing a critical part of our process as a result: the design critique. By showing how design critiques at Facebook typically go, we wanted to highlight what makes for a good critique and what can often get in the way. We asked designers around the world to collaborate with us on this, inviting them to share work to be critiqued using the hashtag #FacebookDesignCrit. A dozen of you shared your designs, and we’re ready to show how our first collaborative critique went.
Read the article here

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