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Weekly Inspirations: August 5th, 2016

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

From the Ground Up: Shining a light on how research guides our product development.

A really interesting look behind the scenes of the AirBnB design team and a look at how they approach research in their work. It is a vital but tricky area and this article shed some light and insights on how they are doing it.
Read the article here

What Leaders Actually Do to Inspire and Motivate.

Back when I was doing the corporate grind, Bruce was the first boss (and my favorite to this day) that exposed me to the very practice of “Servant Leadership.” That’s how he led, and a decade later, I had the formula for a leadership training startup. While he was still my “boss” and expectations of my performance were high, I recall how much more satisfied and engaged I felt than at any other time in my  young corporate career. What was it about this professional relationship that worked out so well for me? It comes down to four leadership principles proven over time to build trust and loyalty in followers.
Read the article here

Get Over Yourself: How Your Ego Sabotages Your Creativity

One of the most destructive of creative sins is an over-inflated ego. When many people hear the word “ego,” they immediately think of the know-it-all manager charging into the room and insisting that everyone bend their life and work around his every whim. This is certainly one exhibition of ego, but there are less obvious types that we must be careful to avoid if we want to do our best creative work consistently. Brilliant creative work requires a willingness to take risks, to experiment, and to venture into unproven territory in the pursuit of great ideas. When an inflated ego becomes the norm, you may become inflexible and unwilling to take the small personal risks necessary to break out of your comfort zone and pour yourself fully into your work. Others hover close to their safety zone, because they’d rather live with the perception of invulnerability than to take a risk and find that they have limits. This is obviously a recipe for underperformance, so be aware of these hidden ego-fueled dangers that can come with creative work.
Read the article here

How PepsiCo’s CMO Creates a Culture of Innovation

I spoke with PepsiCo CMO Seth Kaufman about how he and his team stay ahead of the marketing curve. Think: Internal Shark Tank competitions, an innovation team, and constantly evaluating new technologies.
Read the article here

Pantone’s Addictive New App Turns The World Into A Prismatic Palette

From its humble roots as a printing company in suburban New Jersey to becoming the definitive language of color, Pantone has transformed into a global design force. But when your core consumers are print designers and the world is becoming increasingly digital, you look for new ways to sustain your grip on the industry. With the launch of Pantone Studio, a new iOS app, the company is offering a glimpse into its next ambition: becoming a software developer.
Read the article here

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