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Weekly Inspirations: August 12th, 2016

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

What Inspires Creativity?

Throughout our lives we encounter pressure to be inventive and think ‘outside the box’ — from our early school life through to our day jobs. Designers, along with other creatives, are expected to produce original work on a day-to-day basis and even though natural talent in this space may accelerate the process, we all get stumped sometimes. Which is why it’s vital to experiment with different methods and environments to inspire creativity. Why has being innovative become such a vital part to society? In the past there had always been a clear subject hierarchy, with mathematics and the sciences at the top, and the creative classes falling to the bottom. People have often been discouraged to take the creative subjects; to the older generation, they didn’t seem to hold as many career prospects following graduation. I know I felt the pressure from my parents to steer away from the arts even though it was something I enjoyed.
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Key design principles behind user interface

There’s no magic equation to superb interface design, but when you see it, you know. Most can recall a moment when they encountered brilliant UI (user interface). Maybe it was the first time your tiny iPhone screen powered on and greeted you with a grid of pleasantly organized square application buttons, or when Google opened-sourced its attentive Material design patterns, or simply a unique website you stumbled across and bookmarked for future inspiration.
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Want a Creative Culture? Pixar Says Do These 3 Things

Creativity is often seen as the work of a solitary genius, and we tend to emphasize the importance of a flash of insight. However, an original idea is only the beginning of the creative process. How ideas are executed is far more important to creating truly disruptive innovations than an initial idea. A team that’s able to work together is essential if you want to build truly innovative solutions to complex problems. Not only do you need a diverse set of perspectives and skills, but you also need multiple flashes of insight that refine, or even completely reinvent, the idea along the way. I recently came across an article by Pixar animation pioneer Ed Catmull on collective creativity and was immediately struck by how it points the way to fixing innovation problems in almost any industry. Within the article, Ed shares insights on how to build a creative team.
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How to bring modular architecture to your design documentation

Modular documentation was designed to streamline workflow, help with organization, and promote reusability. But its key benefit is that project stakeholders can access any piece of documentation at any moment—without derailing you from your work. No more sending documents, attaching files, or uploading documentation to project management systems. Simply notify the stakeholders that the modular document has been updated, and leave the rest up to them.
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The Death of “Users” and “Product Design”

The Facebook company all-hands in January was—as most company all-hands are—wildly energetic, brimming with enormous plans for the new year, and not without a few inside jokes about chicken nuggets. But there was one thing that Mark said, a small note in the grand scheme of things, that still sits fresh in my mind every single week. “We need to stop calling people users,” he said. “They’re not just there to use our products; we’re here to build things for them.” People, not users.
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The Client From Hell – people react to ridiculous questions designers have to deal with.

Every designer knows that one client who wants them to do a lot of work for no pay (or for “exposure”). We took our hidden cameras to London to see how other businesses would react to some of the ridiculous requests designers have to deal with.
Watch the video here.

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