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How to build your personal brand

The obstacles, power and importance of creating your own personal brand.

By far the most popular episode of my new Crazy One podcast has been Episode 6 on ‘Your career: How to create your own personal brand’. I created the episode to look at the obstacles, power, and importance of creating your own personal brand which I think far too few creative really understand. It’s something that I’ve spent a lot of time on and I think it is the foundation for so many critical things in your career. I tried to capture all of those learnings, insights, and techniques and put them all into this episode. So since it was o popular I wanted to highlight it make sure more people would be able to benefit from it.

For those of you who have already listed to the episode, you know that I walk through two different exercises on how to get started building the insights that will be the foundation of your brand. The most popular technique has been doing a brand archetype exercise that lets you sort through 20 different archetypes to find the one that best fits you. Those archetypes had only been available on the show notes page of my podcast site but because of the popularity I spent some time last night and turned them into a proper PDF so they would be easier printout and use. You can download them for free here.

You can listen using the player below or subscribe now on Apple iTunes, Google Play MusicSound CloudPocket CastsSticker or TuneIn so you don’t miss a new episode. Thanks again for all the support of this new project and look for new episodes every week.

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