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Weekly Inspirations: August 19th, 2016

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

5 storytelling tips from a Disney Pixar veteran

While video games are interactive in nature and have specific challenges when it comes to storytelling, Matthew Luhn, a story consultant who spent 20 years at Pixar, shared some useful tips drawn from his experience working in linear media. He offered his five guidelines for achieving that in this article.
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How smart leaders build a culture of trust

Joel Peterson could have written his first book on any number of topics. As treasurer, CFO, and then CEO of Trammell Crow Co., the world’s largest private real estate development firm, he helped craft countless deals. As the founder of Peterson Partners—a private equity group with $1 billion in investments—and JCP Capital, he has become a savvy judge of companies and entrepreneurs. And as chairman of the board of JetBlue and a director at dozens of other companies over the past 35 years, he is an expert on corporate management and governance.
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Hacking your digital prototype

When developing a physical product it becomes almost obvious the need to create a version where people can touch and feel the product to get a better understanding of how it would work, be that version on clay, 3d printed structures or even Lego® bricks. That version is called a prototype. The same necessity has now greatly changed the way digital products are created — designing and developing them is expensive and time consuming, so more and more digital companies create prototypes to test their concepts before spending time (and lots of $$$) on design/development. Prototype is in high evidence right now, the boom is supported by the gigantic amount of related software available nowadays, the internet is filled with discussions about which is the best tool, but it really doesn’t matter.
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Inside Laika studios, where stop-motion animation goes high tech

Laika Studios’ is behind the new stop-motion film Kubo And The Two Strings.The Japanese child warrior Kubo and his animal companion Monkey leap and roll across those decks, fighting an enemy who hovers above them in mid-air, in the middle of a violent storm that rips leaves off the ships and tosses them around on surging waves. This article and video give you a behind the scenes look how the movie was made and the modern evolution of stop motion animation.
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These Tools Will Help You Become A More Persuasive Writer

Everybody writes. No matter what you are doing in life, you need to communicate with other people. Whether it’s a personal email to your friend or a formal proposal for your business, you want to persuade people to take action. Throughout the years I developed a writing routine and found useful tools to help me in the creative process. This article shares these tools to help you become a more persuasive writer.
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New Mentorship Ecosystems Benefit All Levels Of An Organization

Mentorship comes in many forms. It can either be lending a hand to fix the printer, a part of an onboarding process or an important legacy of the field. Regardless of mentorship scale, companies today leverage new technology to facilitate supportive communication­­—an efficient way to harness the knowledge and passions of current and even former employees. In our new Future of Work report, PSFK Labs explores why mentorship is an integral factor in hiring and retaining valuable employees. In a 2016 report from PwC, 28% of the entering workforce identifies working with mentors as the most valuable corporate development tool. “Mentor programs help attract, retain and develop top talent…they are low cost with a high impact return”, says Jenny Dearborn, SVP and Chief Learning Officer at SAP. To attract talent, businesses utilize mentorship to display that employees are valued in the organization.
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Jeff Veen on crafting a creative culture

“I’d never thought, like, some day I’d be in finance,” says Jeff Veen. But here we are; having played a major role in some of the most web’s most important developments – spearheading UX-driven design at Adaptive Path, bringing analytics to the masses at Google Analytics, and upending the way we approach fonts on the web at Typekit – Veen is now a design partner at venture capital firm True Ventures.
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