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Weekly Inspirations: September 2nd, 2016

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

This New App Makes Design Drawings Simple and More Precise

Former Facebook product designer Andy Chung has created a new drawing tool that allows you to produce shapes and lines with precision simply by using gestures. Dubbed Pattern, the app is currently available for the iPad and iPad Pro. Pattern in turn just launched this week, as it focuses on straight-forward design tools rather than fancy brushes and effects, allowing your renderings to be exact. Whether drawing things to scale or as a guide, you can also erase and then add notes/instructions to your designs as you see fit.
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The Anatomy Of A Great UX Design Leader

The job market for user experience designers is booming, and academic programs have sprung up to meet demand. Missing from most discussions about the UX design education gap is the need for great UX design leaders. These are senior-level managers who not only understand the nuts and bolts of UX work—making things usable—but do everything in their power to help organizations, and the talent they nurture, embody a UX ethos. Here are seven key qualities the best UX design leaders share.
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Elevating design through education

This interview was done for with Aaron Walter who is the VP of Design Education at InVision. Before coming to InVision, Aarron started the UX practice at Mailchimp. Aarron is the author of Designing for Emotion. This is an interesting interview with him on how to elevate design through education.
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Want to Strengthen Workplace Culture? Design a Ritual

Picture this: you’re an engineer at Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park. You’re sitting in a lecture with a guest speaker, learning about the latest and greatest in nanotechnology. Next to you, one of your friends is capturing the speaker’s best quotes on his phone. He texts a quote to a graphic designer friend who’s sitting across campus in Facebook’s internal print shop. The designer immediately designs a poster based on the quote, then pins them up around campus. As you walk out of the lecture, you see the posters—echoing the lecture that ended just seconds ago—already plastered on walls. Mind blown, right? But this is just another day at Facebook. The rapid poster-printing phenomenon is coordinated through Facebook’s Analog Research Lab, an internal workshop open to everyone on campus. Employees can create any posters they want, on any topic they care about, and put them up anywhere—guerilla style.
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This $20 Dot Makes Push Notifications Way Less Annoying

I think we can all generally agree push notifications are a design kludge—and an ugly one at that. They come in a relentless stream of angrily buzzing digital distractions, insisting upon our attention no matter what we’re doing, or how important they are. And it’s depressing that while context is the new watchword in mobile UI design, companies like Google and Apple still haven’t fully applied that to their push notification systems. Dot is a set of beacon-like devices for your home and other personal spaces that allow you to contextualize your push notifications. A Dot is essentially a Bluetooth beacon that you stick on any surface. As your smartphone gets closer, it can detect the exact distance based upon signal strength, and send a push notification when you get within a certain distance. What’s cool about Dot is that you can program that notification to contain anything, through an app inspired by popular internet recipe-making platform IFTTT. A Dot can just as easily be programmed to remind your roommate to take out the trash as it can turn on the smart lights to your bedroom when you walk in the room.
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