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Weekly Inspirations: September 23rd, 2016

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

This Beautiful Copper Coin Could Transform How We Spend Money

Scrip is a provocative solution to a world full of easy electronic payments. A concept by NewDealDesign (NDD)—a design firm known both for working on major products like Google’s late Project Ara, Fitbit, and Lytro, as well as feasible sci-fi tech like swappable tattoos that live under your skin. It’s a digitally connected, mechanical brass coin that you load with money like a MetroCard. And as you go about your day, paying for things via wireless NFC connections (like Apple Pay), it offers braille-like tactile feedback so that you recognize how much you’re spending.
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7 Reasons the Best Employees Quit, Even When They Like Their Job

Losing a great employee is a terrible thing. There’s the expense of finding, onboarding, and training a replacement. There’s the uncertainty of how a new employee will work out. There’s the hardship on the rest of your staff until the position can be filled. Sometimes there’s a solid reason–the person was a bad fit for the team, or moved away for personal reasons, or was offered an opportunity too great to pass up. In those cases, even if it’s a difficult transition, it feels fundamentally right. But what about the rest? Keeping your best employees starts with understanding why people leave. Here are seven of the top reasons:
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How to Fight Through Intellectual Discomfort

For professional athletes, facing and overcoming pain, adversity, and discomfort is all part of a day’s work. Knowledge workers, the majority of the workforce today, encounter a different type of adversity — intellectual discomfort. You know the feeling of intellectual discomfort. It’s that gut reaction you feel when you prepare to start a project, and, as you skim the document, you think to yourself, Damn, this is going to be hard. This will push your intellectual capacity. And that feels challenging, overwhelming and scary. In this moment, you might stall. You might even choose to give up.  Or worse – not even give it a shot, delegating it to someone else. This is the work you know you were born to break through to get to your best future self.
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Success doesn’t occur overnight, but neither does failure. Luck aside, both are typically the result of cumulative choices, and how well you position yourself to take advantage of opportunities. By putting a handful of daily practices into your routine, you can better prepare yourself to deal with the pressures and constraints of your work, and ensure that you’re spending your finite resources wisely. While there’s no formula for success, daily practices allow you to stack the deck in your favor. In The Accidental Creative, I suggested five areas (F-R-E-S-H) in which you should consider building practices to help you be prolific, brilliant, and healthy in life and work.
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Why debranding is the future

As advertising loses its impact, brands are looking for new ways to win people over. The latest effort has been to publish stories that look and feel journalistic. The key strategy being to hide the commercial imperative, and even the brand altogether, so that readers think they’re consuming a familiar newspaper or magazine. This isn’t a long game. Hiding your true colours is never wise, and it’s also misleading to use a totally different set of qualities – good stories – to sell a product that has nothing to do with these qualities. Hiring a top filmmaker won’t improve the quality of your energy drink. Branded content complicates an already complex world driven by hidden agendas. And what about the stories no one wants to hear, stories incapable of selling something? People are more likely to follow a delirious brand instead of connecting with real people and real-world problems.
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