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Weekly Inspirations: November 11th, 2016

Sorry for missing last week but I was speaking at Adobe MAX and lost track of time. Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

Virtual Reality Theme park opens in utah

For the first time in history, it’s about living inside an experience with endless possibilities to participate and create. Utilizing a layering of real-time interactive environments, and blending the real world with the digital, our participants are placed into Hyper-Reality experiences.
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As designers, we’re extremely creative and passionate people who pour our hearts and souls into design solutions. But we often lose this passion when we present our concepts to clients. Presenting design work incorrectly can create a vacuum for clients to provide misdirected or overly prescriptive feedback, which in turn leads to subpar final work. Proper presenting skills help clients see our point of view and ultimately allow us to put designs out into the world that we’re proud to put our names on. Here are some thoughts for your next presentation.
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Hamburger menu alternatives for mobile navigation

If you’re working on digital products, you have already read dozens of articles describing how and why the hamburger navigation on mobile (and desktop!) hurts UX metrics due of its low discoverability and efficiency. Luckily, more and more sites and apps are experimenting with alternative, more efficient solutions for this very problem. None of the ideas listed here is better than the others, their viability and performance obviously depend on the content and the context.
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The state of UX in 2016

We have seen big investments to buy, build or bolt-on design programmes in recent years. A few events stand out in my mind: IBM’s announcement it would earmark $100m and hire 1,000 designers in 2012; the tumult of design agency mergers and acquisitions through 2014 and 2015; Mike Bracken on stage at the O’Reilly Design Conference earlier this year reporting the jaw-dropping fact that the UK Government Digital Service has saved UK citizens £4.1billion. Despite those big moments, I continue to encounter many small moments – in hallway conversations at conferences or in phone calls with clients – that suggest lots of companies are still barely scratching at the surface of user experience design’s potential. So, before we haul out the confetti cannons, let’s stop and ask: Are the success stories emblematic of our industry overall, or are they just noteworthy exceptions?
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