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Weekly Inspirations: December 9th, 2016

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

12 Tech Trends That Will Shape Our Lives In 2017

The global design and strategy firm Frog asked experts from its offices around the world to identify key technology trends that’ll shape how we live, work, and play in 2017. Below, we’ve selected 12 that are most relevant to the design community.
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Design Thinking: Empathy Maps

Empathy Maps help to rapidly put your team in the user’s shoes and align on pains and gains — whether at the beginning of a project or mid-stream when you need to re-focus on your user. Empathy Map is a tool that helps designers empathize with the people for which they are designing a solution. With empathetic mapping the designer/developer put themselves in the position of the user. Empathy Maps can also be used to test a prototype design or in activities such as role playing to help better understand the needs of the user.
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Simon Sinek on Millennials in the Workplace

I always look to Simon Sinek for insights and new thinking. This video is an interesting interview with him about how to deal with millennials in the workplace. He has a lot of really interesting insights and some tips that I will be trying in the near future.
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The Most Ingenious VR Controller Of The Year Is A Printed Piece Of Paper

I’m aiming a gun at balloons floating through a room. Zap. Zap. Zap. Pop. Pop. Pop. My head is stuck in a VR headset, but my hands aren’t using a video game controller, or even one of those fancy motion remotes from HTC or Oculus. I’m holding a piece of paper that’s accurately dubbed a PaperStick. When I’d printed it out five minutes ago and and folded it up like a triangular tube, I honestly felt pretty silly. Here I was, a grown man, finding a USB cable, digging around for paper, making sure my inkjet still had ink left, all to print myself a piece a toy laser gun that, itself, resembled some cheap advertising that might be slipped below my car’s windshield:
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8 Steps to Building a Killer Personal Brand

May Busch considered herself a “nice Chinese girl” when she started her career in banking at Morgan Stanley. In fact, so did all her colleagues. Her reputation portrayed her as a “super-organized hard worker with a great attitude.” The only problem is that the same could be said of her top-notch secretary. May Busch started her career at the bottom. She started as a junior analyst, but she had dreams to one day become a vice president within Morgan Stanley. She thought she could follow what many of us think is the outline to achieving success:
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Self-Checkout Comes To High Fashion

“Look, obviously this is something you can do at a CVS,” says Uri Minkoff, creative director and CEO of Rebecca Minkoff. He’s introducing me to the new self-checkout system at the fashion company’s Manhattan flagship store. It allows customers to buy anything from $200 handbags to $1,500 jackets, all on their own, all without dealing with a sales associate. Most sales pitches I’ve heard don’t start with such a disclaimer—”clearly Duane Reade’s been doing this with toothpaste forever!”—especially not from a fashion brand that does more than $100 million in revenue a year.
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