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Weekly Inspirations: December 23rd, 2016

Happy holidays and here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

At Home With Mark Zuckerberg And Jarvis, The AI Assistant He Built For His Family

When new engineers join Facebook—no matter whether they’re just out of college or VP-level veterans—they spend their first six weeks in Bootcamp, an intensive program designed to help them learn the ins and outs of the company’s massive code base and the always-evolving set of programming tools at their disposal. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s original engineer, contributed more to that code than anyone else in the early years of its existence. But the 32-year-old CEO never went through the Bootcamp program, which was launched in 2006, two years after he founded the company in his Harvard dorm room. Last January, Zuckerberg announced that he planned to build an AI system to run his home using Facebook tools, in the latest of the personal-growth challenges he gives himself each year. An exciting exploration of the state of the art of AI—a technology field essential to Facebook’s future—the project also forced him to refresh his command of the company’s programming tools and processes. That in turn has reconnected him to the daily experience of the thousands of engineers he manages and the engineering culture that’s at the heart of one of the world’s most important technology companies.
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Nick Campbell: The Unexpected Benefits of Sharing Everything You Know

Nick Campbell starts every week with a tweet that says “Happy Monday.” No Garfield cartoons about staying in bed or T.G.I.F. tweets can be found in his feed. Of course, it’s easy to be pumped about the start of the week when he’s excited about what he “gets” to do eight hours a day. Nick is the founder of (GSG) a site that gives away free tutorials to people learning cinema 4D to more than 20,000 viewers a day. GSG is an active community that brings resources for training and tools to people interested in motion graphics and 3D software. While the videos are free, GSG sells digital products such as lighting kits and texture packs used to make all the work 4D artists do look even better.  As an avid, lifelong and self-motivated learner himself, Nick is practically evangelical about the benefits of passing along his knowledge. Nick has learned that by giving away everything he knows, he paradoxically becomes more essential than ever. We caught up with Nick to get a better understanding of the motivation behind teaching, and how his passion has led him to such a successful business that satisfies both his financial and creative goals.
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Designing the new Uber App

A big redesign is daunting. There are a lot of variables and unknowns that tell you there will be potential failure down the road. But we knew that if we wanted to build for the future, we had to be comfortable taking that risk. This meant not only taking a big bet on how things look, but also re-imagining how things flow. Uber’s original premise was simple. “Push a button, get a ride.” You didn’t need to set your destination, you didn’t need to select a product, you just hit a button, or two, and you were off. As we added more features and our products became more complex, we continued to strive to keep the original simplicity and speed of a single button. But we realized that speed was about much more than minimizing taps and streamlining flows. People were selecting the wrong product when they had to catch a movie (I’m looking at you, Uber Pool). Opportunities to save time by suggesting good pick-up spots were being missed. In a fast growing environment it can become challenging to see the way ahead. So, to move past the comfort of our beginnings we decided to design the new Uber experience with a simple twist: “Start at the end.”
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7 Productivity Hacks for Designers

You’re a procrastinator. I’m a procrastinator. Heck, 95% of all humans are procrastinators. I don’t know who the remaining 5% of go-getters are, but for the rest of us, here’s a few productivity hacks to squeeze a little more time out of your day.
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DesignOps at Airbnb. How we manage effective design at scale.

Modern product development is hard. The number of individual roles and titles that go into building a successful digital product at scale is mind-boggling. On the flip side, while we have more distinct specialties than ever, these lines are blurring and most individuals will usually straddle at least a couple of these. Seen as a continuous spectrum of skills, it’s clear that to succeed in today’s modern product org, everyone needs to live and play across multiple bands. Working daily across so many disciplines, from Engineering to Product Management, Research, Content Strategy and an array of Design specialties, every little overhead in the transfer of information compounds. Inversely, every optimization and positive connection significantly lowers friction for everyone. This is why we’ve created DesignOps, to ease collaboration and amplify effectiveness, not only across product disciplines, but also between the increasingly complex world of Product Design.
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