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Simon Sinek on How to Get People to Follow You

I recently pointed out what has turned into a very popular video from Simon Sinek on ‘Millennials in the Workplace‘.

When it comes to the psychology of leadership and creativity there are few people who I find more insightful and inspiring than Simon Sinek. He gained fame after his ‘Start with Why‘ TED talk that went viral and has really reshaped the conversation around creativity at pretty much every level of the agency and corporate world. I recently came across the entire video that the ‘Millennials in the Workplace’ came from and found it just as interesting as the short clip on millennials. This longer interview may be the best talk I’ve heard about what needs to go into being a leader, understand how to be a leader and what people are looking for in a leader. Simon always has a simple but strong way of thinking about these potentially abstract concepts and I think this is one of his best and most useful talks yet.

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