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Weekly Inspirations: January 27th, 2017

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

Take a look at Facebook’s famous ‘propaganda posters’ that decorate the halls of its worldwide headquarters

Facebook’s propaganda posters have long been legendary for their cool design, bold typography, and even bolder messages. In fact, Facebook used to employ a so-called “Minister of Propaganda” to create the posters in Facebook’s Analog Research Lab studio. The posters — which say things like “Proceed and be bold” or depict graphical images of bananas — decorate the halls of Facebook’s various headquarters worldwide.  The posters aren’t available for sale (although a few did go up for auction last November), which make them a hot commodity among graphic designers and fans of the social network alike. And since Facebook’s headquarters aren’t open to the public, getting a look at the famed art isn’t an easy task.
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Facebook iOS 10 GUI is now available for craft

Resources like Facebook’s iOS 10 GUI and our suite of plugins, Craft, have been game changers for time-strapped designers looking to supercharge their process. That’s why we’re so excited to share that Facebook’s iOS 10 GUI is now available for Craft.
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A Good Digital Strategy Creates a Gravitational Pull

Thanks to social media, businesses need to change how they think about influence. You can control what you say in an ad, sales meeting, or company memo, but when people connect peer-to-peer, you lose direct control over what is said or done. The new challenge is how to have influence from a distance. Our mental models — such as those that come from the battlefield or biology — are ill-suited for this challenge. To understand influence from a distance, we must look to a different kind of force: not mechanical or biological, but gravitational. By definition, gravity is a force that attracts any object with mass. Every object is pulling on every other object in the universe, a fact that is known as Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation. Objects with greater mass exert more pull, and the strength of the force increases exponentially as objects move closer together. Gravity has four attributes that are relevant to thinking about strategy in a digital age.
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When we tell people to do their jobs, we get workers. When we trust people to get the job done, we get leaders.

To become a leader, we have to go through a transition. Some go through it quickly. Some go through it slowly. And, unfortunately, some never go through it at all. When we are junior, our only job is to be good at our job. When we’re junior, our companies will give us lots of training—how to use the software, how to sell, how to make a presentation—so that we will be good at our job. Some even get advanced degrees so they can be even better at their job— accountants or engineers, for example. And if we are good at our job, the company will promote us. And if we are really good at our job, eventually we get promoted to a position where we become responsible for the people who do the job we used to do. But very few companies teach us how to do that. Very few companies teach us how to lead. That’s like putting someone at a machine and demanding results without showing them how the machine works.
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How To Avoid A Rebranding Disaster: Lessons From The Sports World

In the past month, two major sports teams have completely overhauled their visual identities—much to the chagrin of their respective fan bases. The Italian soccer club Juventus’s contemporary, hyper-minimal approach was lamented by fans who associated its old badge with decades of championship seasons and broad success; the club has veered sharply away from its iconic badge only once in its 120 years of existence. Meanwhile in the NFL, the Los Angeles Chargers’ attempt to meld its existing lightning-bolt branding element with its new L.A. identity became a magnet for ridicule from what felt like every corner of the internet.
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