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Weekly Inspirations: February 17th, 2017

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

Google teams up with H&M to make dresses based on your personal data

The hottest designer at the next Fashion Week may well be your smartphone. H&M Group’s digital fashion house, Ivyrevel, is working on a collaboration with Google called the “Data_Dress.” The project is based around an Android app that learns about a user and designs a personalized garment for them. It’s part of the Coded Couture project by Ivyrevel. The Data_Dress app is simple to use. It uses Google’s Snapshot API, which allows an app to passively monitor a user’s daily activity and lifestyle. It collects information such as location, what kind of activity the user is performing—like walking, sitting or running—and the weather in the area.
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5 Tips For Providing Feedback To Creatives (Without Making Them Feel Criticized)

Giving feedback to creative individuals is difficult. I would know. I spent 4 years working at a creative digital marketing agency, and I played both roles: the account handler responsible for communicating with the client, and the creative individual you wanted to retain some semblance of creative control. The truth is, providing feedback to creatives is extremely difficult. We don’t just like our work–we love it. It’s part of us. We are attached to it (whether we like to admit that we are or not), and so speaking to us in a way that suddenly make us feel uninspired can be an art. At the same time, since I also played the opposite role, providing feedback (especially when things are time sensitive) in a way that doesn’t cause a creative person to decide to stop caring about their work, is also an art–and not one to be taken lightly. What I have learned over the years is that both sides have very different needs. And in order to provide helpful feedback, it’s imperative you realize what a creative person needs to hear in order to welcome your criticism.
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15 Must-See Speeches from Experts for UI/UX Designers

It wouldn’t be a fresh discovery to say that IT-sphere in general and product design as its part require non-stop learning from those who seek to be professionals in this dynamic field. The domain of user experience and user interface design is so young and still already well-established: that’s amazing to see how many people, who started their career when the positions of UI and UX designers didn’t even exist in the list of specialities of higher educational institutions, now have grown into experts able to open the stunning area of knowledge and practice. And that’s real luck for professionals all over the world to be able to share their findings via both real and online conferences with a view to getting the global design community stronger and more flexible for the sake of creating user-friendly problem-solving problems.
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How to unlock your iPhone’s secret LEGO Batman Movie Easter egg

Apple hid a delightful Easter egg on iPhones for The LEGO Batman Movie, the new animated film that is dominating the box office this week. In the new film, the Dark Knight has his own helpful digital assistant that responds to voice commands. The voice for the computer is the same one as Siri on iOS, but when Bruce Wayne needs help he just says, “Hey ‘Puter” instead of “Hey Siri.” Apple quietly updated Siri so that she responds to the command. Here are some of the hilarious replies.
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Pixar Is Now Offering Free Online Storytelling Classes

It’s safe that to say nearly everybody loves Pixar, and those who don’t are arguably dead inside. If you’ve ever fancied yourself as a bit of a storyteller and would like to take your narrative game to the next level, then good news, as the famous animation studio is now offering free classes in which you can hone your craft. The “Pixar in a Box” series is presented in conjunction with online educator the Khan Academy, and provides a candid, behind-the-scenes look at how Pixar artists do their jobs.
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We have what we’d like to think is a pretty badass product development process at New Haircut—and we keep it that way through constant and obsessive tweaking and tuning. I’ve talked a lot about our reliance on design sprints, but the question we get most from the product teams we work with is, “What happens after the sprint?” A design sprint is a design-thinking tool to help teams test big, important ideas before starting to build. We create prototypes within the sprint and attempt to validate them with targeted customers. Assuming we do collect the validation we need, the next challenge is connecting the insights uncovered during the sprint to effectively and efficiently build solutions—or in a word, execution.
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INSIDE MEDIUM’S MELTDOWN: How an idealistic Silicon Valley founder raised $134 million to change journalism, then crashed into reality

Four days into 2017, Medium’s employees came to work and were told that one-third of them — 50 people — were being let go. They were shocked. Their adored boss, billionaire CEO Ev Williams, best known as the co-founder of Twitter, seemed to care so deeply for each of them. But he told the world about the layoff in a blog post even before all the people who lost their jobs were informed, a former employee tells Business Insider. Some of them found out through industry buzz that they had lost their jobs, one person told us.
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