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Weekly Inspirations: April 7th, 2017

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

Creating Usability with Motion: The UX in Motion Manifesto

The following manifesto represents my answer to the question — “As a UX or UI, designer, how do I know when and where to implement motion to support usability?” Over the last 5 years, it has been my privilege to coach and mentor UX & UI designers in over 40 countries, and at hundreds of the top brands and design consultancies through my workshops and tutorials on UI Animation. After over fifteen years studying motion in user interfaces, I have come to the conclusion that there are 12 specific opportunities to support usability in your UX projects using motion. I call these opportunities ‘The 12 Principles of UX in Motion,’ and they can be stacked and combined synergistically in a myriad of innovative ways.
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7 UX tools to try in 2017

With each passing year, we see a surge in new tools and technology to make our marketing and creative lives easier. Just five years ago, 100 pieces of technology could claim the title of ‘marketing technology’. In 2016, that number skyrocketed to more than 4000. In the creative category of marketing tech, UX tools also continue to grow in number and influence. Here are seven more tools and resources to add to your workflows for 2017.
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Amazon Alexa Moments: Petlexa

Introducing Petlexa! The Petlexa feature allows dogs, cats, and other animals to communicate with Alexa just like you do. The Petlexa feature gives pets the freedom to place orders from Amazon, and to activate smart home enabled toys.
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Digital first: how agencies and brands are building more dynamic creative teams

The rise of social media and digital apps has sparked a fundamental change in the way many creative agencies operate – from the kind of work they produce to the talent they are looking to hire and the ways in which they work. But how should brands and creative teams be responding to this changing industry? Speaking to Facebook Creative Shop EMEA director Rob Newlan at AdWeek Europe in London last week, R/GA Associate Creative Director Rebecca Rumble, Tribal WW London ECD Victoria Buchanan and ShareStyle CMO Jo Lavender shared their thoughts on adapting a more iterative way of working, leaving egos behind and putting more trust in young talent.
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Design Blogging Tips: Part 2

Today I had the opportunity to chat with one of my super amazing coworkers about blogging. We talked about what motivates us, shared tips, and chatted about ways blogging has the opportunity to positively impact the design industry. I’ve had some really incredible conversations with designers from all types of backgrounds and all segments of the industry over the years, and when we have an especially fascinating or thought provoking conversation, I always encourage them to put their thoughts into blog form and share with the community. During the chat today, some tips came to the surface. I recently wrote another post on blogging, but wanted to followup with this 2.0 post because many of the things that we chatted about today weren’t included.
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