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Weekly Inspirations: May 26th, 2017

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

Design Portfolios That Double As Awesome UIs

It goes without saying that having a professional website is a necessity for anyone in a creative field. But for designers, an online portfolio isn’t just an opportunity to showcase your past work–it’s also a way to show off your skills. Whether you’re a graphic designer or UX designer, you don’t want to miss out on a chance to impress a future boss or client when they come to your website. But how do you stand out from the crowd? Some designers and artists opt for interactivity on their websites, making 2017 something of a golden age for wild concept portfolios–what some might call gimmicks. Others prefer something clean and simple that shows off their work without getting in the way too much. After I asked for examples of cool and clever portfolio design on Twitter, the graphic designer Kara Gordon wrote, “I’m not gonna lie, I usually hate ‘cool’ and ‘clever’ websites. I just want to see the damn work.” Love ’em or hate ’em, here are some of the most striking portfolio designs out there.
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Being the Boss’s Favorite Is Great, Until It’s Not

We’ve all been in situations where the boss has a favorite. It’s frustrating to feel underresourced and underrecognized while someone else is getting all the attention. Ironically, though, it can be just as challenging to realize that you’re the boss’s new “pet.” While it’s great to get extra attention and have your work recognized, there’s often a price to pay for being the favorite. You could find yourself at risk in four ways. First, your teammates can start to resent you because of your proximity to power. They may see you as an informant or interloper, stop trusting you, and cut back on the typical mutual support among colleagues, such as sharing crucial information, connections, and other resources.
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Don’t Focus On Your Situation, Focus On Your Trajectory

All of us have goals. There’s something we want to do, someplace we want to go, someone we want to be. It appears that we don’t intentionally plan to be stagnant. But are you progressing towards your intended destination? Or are you drifting away unknowingly? Most of us are terrible at assessing our current progress. That’s okay, because in reality not everything is measurable. Objective metrics are difficult to come across for every situation, and often inconvenient. The problem is that we consciously choose not to take action despite being fully in control of our situation. We take the path of least resistance because we’re programmed that way. We avoid pain and maximise pleasure, to our detriment.
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Draw anything using augmented reality

For all of you looking to channel your inner Banksy, you way want to check out new smartphone app, SketchAR. SketchAR is an augmented reality drawing app that allows you to trace images using your phone’s camera. Available for iOS and Android, the app lets you trace images on a much larger scale, even the size of a wall, when using it on a device that supports Google’s Project Tango technology.
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How Smart Leaders Build Trust

Joel Peterson could have written his first book on any number of topics. As treasurer, CFO, and then CEO of Trammell Crow Co., the world’s largest private real estate development firm, he helped craft countless deals. As the founder of Peterson Partners — a private equity group with $1 billion in investments — and JCP Capital, he has become a savvy judge of companies and entrepreneurs. And as chairman of the board of JetBlue and a director at dozens of other companies over the past 35 years, he is an expert on corporate management and governance. Yet Peterson, the Robert L. Joss Consulting Professor of Management at Stanford Graduate School of Business, chose to write about trust. “I believe that trust is more powerful than power itself,” explains Peterson. “It supports innovation and flexibility, and it makes life more enjoyable and more productive. People who live in high-trust environments thrive.”
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New Website Binded Will Make Copyrighting Content Easier for Creators

Binded, the world’s first online copyright platform, is slated to launch on May 25 to assist creators in copyrighting their content. The process is quite simple: digital photographers, artists, graphic designers, and viral video-makers upload their work to a private copyright vault. From there, an individual fingerprint is created and saved permanently on a bitcoin blockchain. After, the user receives a copyright certificate with proof of creation, while Binded searches the web to make sure there are no copyright infringements. So far, Binded has expanded its services to social-media platforms Instagram and Twitter. Binded wants to make it possible to link every creative tool to enable seamless copyright claims at the time of creation, the company said in a press release.
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